Stroll pops the question to Krack: ‘When are we going to win?’

Mike Krack says Aston Martin’s remarkable start to its 2023 campaign has prompted team owner Lawrence Stroll to ask him when his outfit will win its first race.

Team Silverstone has emerged as a surprising top-three contender after the first three races of the season, with Fernando Alonso finishing on each occasion on the third step of the podium.

But Aston’s spectacular progress has elevated the expectations of Lawrence Stroll, the man who proclaimed ahead of the start of the season “when I get excited about something, I get very passionate, and when I get very passionate, I win!”

The Canadian billionaire has invested heavily in his team with the aim of carrying Aston Martin to the top of the field in the coming years.

And that plan os progressing well, perhaps even better than expected, even if winning can’t come soon enough for Stroll Sr. according to Krack.

“It’s quite easy – Lawrence’s mission statement is very clear,” explained the Aston team boss.

“He has not been having any delay in telling us ‘when are we going to win the next one!’

“Obviously he is happy we made the step but this is not enough for his ambitions.

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“The good thing with Lawrence is you know where you’re standing. He wants more and we will have to deliver more.”

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So far, Alonso has been a major contributor to Aston’s early success this year, and Krack praised the 41-year-old veteran’s performance and “incredible consistency” that has helped the team lift its game.

“It’s fantastic, I was asked before if someone tells you ‘you will have three podiums after the first three races’ I would not have believed it either,” he said.

“It shows also what a champion we have there, he’s incredible, his consistency – if you look at all the sessions through the year he has always been there, in FP1, FP2, he’s always up there and pushes the maximum all the time.”


As for the man himself, Alonso has urged Aston to build on its momentum, on the track and in the engineering department.

“Now we have to deliver,” said the two-time F1 world champion. “This is something that we will see very soon from Baku, Imola, Barcelona.

“I think the teams will start to bring upgrades to the car and we need to be also a top team in that regard.

“On-track but also off-track we need to learn many things throughout this season to be a contender in ’24, hopefully.”

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