Matt Riddle Weighs In On NXT to FOX Sports 1 Rumors, Lesnar

Matt Riddle spoke with FanSided for a new interview promoting NXT Takeover: Toronto II and discussed the rumors that NXT is headed to FOX Sports 1, plus more. Highlights are below:
On the rumors that NXT is moving to FOX Sports 1: “I think the more exposure NXT can get, the better. I think both NXT and Raw are both talent-based. I think it’s gonna be good overall. It’s another viewing aspect of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. I think it’s gonna excel. With more eyes and more views, it’s gonna get bigger and better and brighter.”
On what he’s looking forward to at NXT TakeOver: Toronto II: “Well, I love Toronto, it’s a good town, good food, good people. The fans are probably gonna be rabid because TakeOver’s really up in Canada all the time and Canadian fans are really good. Probably the crowd and the action is what I’m looking forward to the most. And seeing what unfolds.”
On working with Drew Gulak: “I love Drew, I love EVOLVE, I’ve been working there for years up until I got signed with the WWE. And it was awesome. I mean, Drew took me under his wing when I first started pro wrestling and kinda helped me fill in the gaps of being more myself rather than trying to be a pro wrestler.”
On wanting to retire Brock Lesnar: “I mean, the goal’s the same, it’s never gonna change. I mean, it just makes me want to do it even more. It’d be nice if I could get my hands on him sooner or later but right now, that’s not what’s happening. I’d say it’s probably gonna happen eventually. I’m not gonna stop trying. I think with my work rate and everything else I’ve got going for me, it’ll probably work out. Who knows?”
On Paul Heyman Eric Bischoff coming on board for Raw and Smackdown: “I think it’s great. I think Paul Heyman’s got a mind for things. I think he may have been ahead of his time and I think Eric Bischoff’s been there, done that at a high level. I think he brings a lot of experience and more flair. It adds another element to the pot.”
On an NXT Championship match: “I would imagine i’d get an opportunity sooner rather than later. Either I get [Adam] Cole, [Johnny] Gargano or maybe even whoever wins the North American match, I think there’s gonna be gold in my future very soon.”Click Here:

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