Donald Trump says allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were a ‘hoax’

Donald Trump has said sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, his nominee for the US Supreme Court, were a "hoax" and "all made up".

The US president said Mr Kavanaugh was "caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats," adding: "It was all made up, it was fabricated, and it’s a disgrace."

Mr Kavanaugh was accused by several women of sexual misconduct, including California professor Christine Blasey Ford who testified under oath that the judge tried to assault her at a high school party decades ago.

Mr Kavanagh adamantly denied the allegations.

Mr Trump said Democrats had "tortured" Mr Kavanaugh and his family.

He angrily predicted that would backfire on Democrats in midterm Congressional elections in November.

The president said: "I think a lot of Democrats are going to vote Republican. I think you’re going to see a lot of things happening on November 6 that wouldn’t have."

He added that suggestions from a small number of Democrats that Mr Kavanaugh should be impeached were "an insult to the American public".

Speaking at an event for police officers in Orlando, Florida, Mr Trump added that "evil" people had been behind the controversy surrounding Mr Kavanaugh.

He said: "It was a disgraceful situation, brought about by people that are evil."

It was not clear whether he was referring to Mr Kavanaugh’s accusers or Democrats in the Senate who had opposed his confirmation.

Mr Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice on Saturday after being confirmed in a 50-48 Senate vote.

Mr Trump was due to host him at the White House for an additional ceremonial swearing in on Monday night.