Enormous shark head stuns internet as fisherman questions what killed it (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

An Australian fisherman pulled an enormous decapitated shark from the water, sparking an extensive social media investigation into what animal could have caused such ferocious damage.

Jason Moyce, known on social media as Trapman Bermagui, shared several graphic images of the mutilated 550-pound mako shark that he and his employee caught off the coast of New South Wales on Wednesday. 

“So this was all we got back of this monster mako. Unfortunately we didn’t see what ate it but must of been impressive!!” wrote Moyce, adding that the shark’s head alone weighed about 200 pounds.

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Speculation as to what could have obliterated the shark ranged from a huge great white or tiger shark, to an orca or some kind of weird hybrid. One Facebook ‘investigator’ claimed great white sharks tend to hunt in groups, and could have taken turns at chopping into the mako.

“Despite their reputation as lone hunters, great whites will cooperate with one another, hunting in groups and sharing the spoils,” commented Lisa Newick.

“They’re social creatures and travel in groups at times as well, that’s why you see them milling all over whale carcasses. After seeing the pic I’ll just uh stick to the swimming pool,” she added sagely.   

Mako sharks, known for their speed (up to 46mph) and ability to leap from the water, can grow to about 12 feet long. Moyce also teased further footage from inside the mako, which he said had incredibly healed around the head of a marlin bill from a previous attack some time ago.

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