Fastest Mobile Data Download Speeds In Canada Are In Montreal, Edmonton

People living in Montreal have something interesting to celebrate this holiday season. The city has the fastest mobile data speeds in Canada.

Edmonton matches up to Montreal when it comes to download speeds, but the city in Quebec beats it for upload speeds — both reach 46.9 mbps for downloads but Montreal hits 12.6 mbps, far higher than Edmonton, which sits at number seven for uploads according to the mobile analytics company OpenSignal.

Rounding out the top five for download speeds are Calgary, Quebec and Kitchener, Ont.

Following on Montreal’s heels for upload speeds is Kitchener, Ont, along with Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

Despite Montreal’s clear position as a frontrunner, the company’s research showed that Canada’s 12 largest cities all had nothing to fear, with download speeds averaging above 30 mbps and upload speeds averaging out at 7 mbps.

The report suggested that the high speeds across the country are due, in part, to telecoms investing in 4G infrastructure — particularly Bell and Telus — so customers spend less time on slower 3G networks.

So even though wireless prices are pretty darn high, Canadians in big cities can rest easy knowing they’re getting great service — especially compared to their US counterparts, according to PCMag.