How Der Spiegel star reporter Claas Relotius was outed for fabricating news stories

The phone call came a mere 30 minutes after Juan Moreno had spectacularly, but reluctantly, become the new star of German journalism. 

An excited publisher wanted to talk to him about options for a book, a documentary, or a movie about the biggest media scandal to hit Germany in decades, a scandal brought about by Mr Moreno’s whistle-blowing on a colleague at Der Spiegel news magazine.

Sorry, but “I’m working on ‘Claas Relotius – The Musical’,” he replied, showing he has kept his sense of humour despite weeks of torment as he meticulously worked to uncover what the now-humbled magazine calls fake news “on a grand scale”.

Claas Relotius, the winner of numerous awards such as  CNN’s Journalist…