Little Bo Peep-show? Outrage as pole dancer takes to stage in front of minors (VIDEO)

A youth event in a northern Russian city got a bit too hot for some when a half-dressed woman performed a pole dance in front of children, some as young as six. Predictably, parents were not too pleased.

The ‘Star of Yamal’ event encouraged underage participants to show off their talents, including in reciting poetry and singing children songs, but one contestant’s skills were not quite as modest. Videos uploaded to VKontakte show a young bikini-clad woman performing a pole dance on the stage at Novy Urengoy’s youth center.

It turns out that young children made up part of her audience. A local woman told the media that her six-year-old son watched the controversial performance “with his mouth open.” 

“The contest mostly included children,” she said. “They announced this stunt simply as a pole dance, invited the kids to the stage, and played it out in front of them.”

People on social media expressed outrage at the organizers, accusing them of negligence and misconduct. Some even said a formal petition should be filed to the local authorities.

Most likely making matters worse, the organizers themselves told the media there was nothing criminal in a pole dance being performed at a youth fest. “It was really thrilling because it featured special effects,” a director of the youth center offered, saying the performance was about “gymnastics.”

This is not the first time a pole dancing performance has left parents fuming this year. In September, a pair of scantily-clad dancers performed for stunned parents and pupils in Shenzhen, China in a back-to-school event.

Parents called for the resignation of the school director and a local education bureau warned against other schools mimicking the bizarre choice of entertainment for such a young audience.

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