Man survives bow and arrow attack by deflecting missile with his phone

A man in Australia survived a bow and arrow attack after he attempted to photograph the assailant with a phone, which blocked the arrow.

Police said the 43-year-old man had driven to his home in Nimbin, a town in New South Wales, and discovered a man on his property who was armed with a bow and arrow.

The attacker then fired an arrow but it hit the resident’s smartphone and pierced it. The phone smashed into the resident’s chin and caused a small cut but did not require medical treatment.

Police later arrived and arrested the attacker, who was aged 39. The resident apparently knew the attacker.

The man was charged with intent to commit an indictable offence, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and malicious damage. He was released on conditional bail and will face court on April 15.

Nimbin, about 40 miles inland from Byron Bay, a popular coastal tourist town, has long been known as Australia’s marijuana capital.

The town holds an annual "MardiGrass" festival  which celebrates marijuana’s use for “medicinal, industrial, recreational and spiritual” purposes.

But police have had a heightened presence in the town in recent years and increasingly cracked down on sellers of marijuana and other drugs.

Last year, Michael Balderstone, the president of Nimbin’s Hemp Embassy and a strong advocate of marijuana legalisation, revealed he had tested positive for cannabis during a random police drug test.

“I’ve been smoking pot for nearly 50 years and I’m totally used to it like the millions of people who take their pharma pills every day are used to them,” he told the Echo Netdaily website.

“I’d possibly be more dangerous without my daily medication.”