Microsoft’s new-look Xbox Live avatars shown off in action via leaked video

We’ve just got our best look yet at Microsoft’s refreshed Xbox Live avatars via a freshly leaked video.

The redesigned characters have been in development for a long time now – and while we’ve seen glimpses, this is our best, fullest gander yet (thanks, The Verge).

Character customisation options include dozens of eye shapes, hair styles, costumes and moods – the latter of which is a new feature which animates your character.

Microsoft?s new Xbox Live avatars detailed in leaked video https://t.co/FmmMnTsg3k pic.twitter.com/s8xcb3KBRa

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) April 18, 2018

As before, costumes and customisation options are sorted into “basic” and “purchased” sections.

Earlier this year, another leak suggested Xbox was planning some kind of career system for your profile which would reward you with avatar loot crates, containing special customisation items.

Microsoft’s avatars are also set to introduce a more diverse range of profile options, including prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and the ability to sport a pregnant baby bump.

There’s still no official final word on when the new avatars will launch, but the above leak suggests it shouldn’t be too long now.