Razer’s New Tomahawk PC Cases Add Even More RGB Lighting to Your PC Set-Up – CES 2019

Razer revealed its newest, Chroma-enabled PC cases during CES 2019, the Razer Tomahawk and Razer Tomahawk Elite PC chassis.

The ATX cases are Razer’s first “developed in-house in the form of a traditional mid-tower form factor.” The Tomahawk Elite features tempered glass side panels that open vertically for “quick and easy access” to the components inside.

It’s also built for gamers running liquid cooling systems in their rigs and features a “hydraulic-powered top panel that automatically lifts itself” to let more air pass through the case “during intense gaming sessions,” like running modern games on ultra settings or letting PUBG idle on the title screen.

Other third-party cases have integration with Razer’s Chroma lighting system through Razer’s 2014 “Designed by Razer” case program, and the new Tomahawk case are also equipped.

That means if you already run a Razer mouse, keyboard, or any other one of its Chroma-enabled peripherals, you can have the RGB lighting dance across your entire PC component ecosystem.

CES 2019 is all this week in Las Vegas, NV. Already we’ve seen announcements for RTX 2080-powered laptops like the Acer Predator Triton 900 and the official reveal of Nvidia’s new midrange RTX 2060 graphics cards.

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