Suspect killed in botched attempt to hijack Dubai-bound plane in Bangladesh (VIDEO)

A plane bound for Dubai has made an emergency landing in Chittagong, Bangladesh, after a hijacking attempt, airline and aviation officials have confirmed. The suspect was killed during a police operation.

Following the emergency landing, the plane was immediately surrounded by law enforcement. Grainy footage showing people fleeing from the plane has emerged online. People can be seen running from the plane while presumably airport workers or law enforcement are rushing towards the aircraft.

All of the passengers were rescued, but the suspect remained on board and the standoff continued for some time.

“There were 142 passengers and all of them have come out from the aircraft safely,” Shakil Miraj, the airline’s general manager, told Reuters.

As passengers were evacuated, one crew member remained on the plane with the hijacker, as a hostage. While initial media reports suggested that the suspect had surrendered to the police, it was later confirmed that he was actually killed when special forces stormed the aircraft.

The plane is reported to be flight BG 147, belonging to Biman Bangladesh airlines. The aircraft had been traveling from the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka to Dubai, but was forced to make an emergency landing in the city of Chittagong.

The hijacker was armed and opened fire during the incident, a local legislator who was on the plane told Somoy TV.

“He fired a shot. When the pilot pursued him, he said he wanted to talk to the prime minister,” the witness said.

Though Bangladesh police later said that suspected plane hijacker had carried a toy pistol and no explosives bound to his body before being shot dead. 

So far, it remains unclear whether anyone was injured during the hijack attempt, but some media outlets have reported that one of the crewmembers may have sustained a gunshot wound.