SWAT Sneak Peek: Tricia Helfer (and Three NFL Legends) Guest Star

It’s been almost a decade since Battlestar Galactica went off the air, but it’s always a pleasure to see the sci-fi show’s alums popping up elsewhere.

Tricia Helfer is guest starring on CBS’ SWAT this week (and also hosting a weekly BSG retrospective podcast, if you’re really feeling nostalgic), and while FBI Special Agent Elle Trask doesn’t seem half as manipulative as Number Six, sparks are certainly flying between her and old flame Hondo (Shemar Moore) in our exclusive sneak peek. Trask is in town for a case that brings the SWAT team and the FBI together to bring in a separatist group with weapons-grade plutonium.

Helfer isn’t the only major guest star on this week’s SWAT – the Super Bowl may be over, but three former NFL players are paying a visit to the series, playing members of the Los Angeles Fire Department, who go up against the SWAT team at an annual law enforcement charity competition. Get a sneak peek at Willie McGinest, Eric Dickerson, and James Harrison in action in the gallery below.


SWAT airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.