VIDEO claims to show air battle between Indian and Pakistani fighters over Kashmir

An Indian journalist has released a short video purportedly showing part of a dogfight between Indian and Pakistani jet fighters over the skies of Kashmir. India earlier claimed it downed a Pakistani F-16 during the encounter.

Ajay Jandyal shared an “exclusive” 30-second clip of the aftermath of a February 27 skirmish between Pakistani and Indian fighters. According to NDTV, eight Indian Air Force fighters intercepted 24 Pakistani during the engagement. The Indian Air Force has claimed that one of its MIG-21 Bison aircraft shot down a Pakistan Air Force F-16 during the fight.

The journalist claims that the video shows the pilot of the F-16 parachuting to the ground.

However, Twitter users have disputed his interpretation, with some suggesting that the video actually shows the pilot of a downed Indian MiG-21 who was captured by Pakistan and is expected to be released on Friday.

On Tuesday, Indian jets bombed targets in the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir. New Delhi claimed that Islamabad had done nothing to crack down on the terrorist group accused of carrying out a deadly suicide attack which killed 42 Indian security officers earlier this month.

The next day Pakistan responded by shooting down at least one Indian fighter and capturing its pilot. India acknowledged the loss but said it had also shot down a Pakistani aircraft in the encounter.

Islamabad has denied using any of its F-16 aircraft during the brief fighting. India, however, says that discovered remnants of a US-made AMRAAM missile “conclusively show” an F-16 had been deployed by Pakistan.

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