WATCH Bulgarian policemen use pepper spray against protesters…but wind blows it back in their faces

Bulgarian policemen inadvertently pepper-sprayed themselves during a protest rally in the country’s capital Sofia on Sunday, when they diffused the chemical at demonstrators against the wind.

Video has emerged online showing several police officers forming a barricade in a bid to calm the crowd of protesters, some of whom were waving national flags. One of the policemen then deploys pepper spray but it blows straight back into the cops’ faces, forcing them to retreat. The footage ends with scenes of officers rinsing their eyes with water.

The protest took place in front of the parliament in Sofia, where people were demanding a referendum that would change the country’s constitution and transform the country to a “direct democracy,” according to local media.

Commenters online suggested that local police were not experienced enough to use pepper spray as violent protests are extremely rare in the country.

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