We asked Kim ‘to do more’ but he wasn’t prepared to – Pompeo

The North Korean leader was unwilling to do what the US asked in Hanoi, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the public after both sides ended the summit almost two hours earlier than expected.

“We didn’t get to something that ultimately made sense for the United States of America. I think Chairman Kim was hopeful that we would [reach an agreement]. We asked him to do more. He was unprepared to do that, but I’m still optimistic,” Pompeo said.

We thought it wasn’t a good thing ‘to be signing anything’ – Trump on Hanoi summit with Kim

Donald Trump also tried to explain the abrupt ending to the much-anticipated summit in the Vietnamese capital. Speaking to reporters, he revealed that Kim Jong-un wanted him to lift US sanctions on the country in exchange for giving up nuclear weapons, which he was not willing to accept. Kim told him, however, that he will not continue with his nuclear and missile programs.

Still, the meeting was “very productive,” according to the White House, though Trump said that he and Kim did not commit to holding another summit any time soon. It “might be soon, might not be for a long time,” the US leader said.

Trump also said he will speak with President Moon Jae-in of South Korea. “He’d love to do a deal and he’s been very helpful.”

The US president also called Chinese leader Xi Jinping, a “great leader” who was “very helpful” in paving the way for the Hanoi summit.

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