What To Watch On Netflix Canada In November 2018

It has snowed in some parts of the Great White North. Already. Mama nature is pretty much leaving us no choice but to seek refuge via blanket forts and Netflix bingeing.

Along with mourning the lack of feeling in our extremities with the chilly temps, we’ll also be grieving the loss of “House of Cards.” That is after we binge the sixth and final season of the show. But hopefully Amy Schumer’s “I Feel Pretty,” will lift our spirits.

So what are you going to watch on Netflix Canada in November? Check out some highlights below:


“Love Actually” — Available Nov. 7

Is it ever too early to “feel it in your fingers?” Not in our world. This British film follows eight couples whose lives are all connected in the weeks leading up to December 25. Hugh Grant plays a prime minister and Bill Nighy is a washed-up rock star in this heartwarming romcom.

“I Feel Pretty” — Available Nov. 17

A woman struggling with insecurity (Amy Schumer) wakes from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. Her new confidence empowers her to live fearlessly, but what happens when she realizes her appearance never changed? Hopefully she realizes that she’s just like the rest of us — beautiful and capable, all along.

“Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” — Available Nov. 7

While visiting New York in 1926, the courageous and eccentric wizard Newt Scamander uncovers a sinister plot that threatens the wizarding community.


“House Of Cards,” Season 6 — Available Nov. 2

“The reign of the middle-aged white man is over,” declares First-Lady-turned-president-of-the-United States Claire Underwood (the badass Robin Wright) in the trailer for this final season of “House Of Cards.” Preach Claire, preach.

Warning: Spoilers Below

Especially as Kevin Spacey, who played her husband and former president, Frank Underwood, is killed off. (Hopefully that wasn’t a supreme spoiler alert since it was widely publicized that Netflix fired Spacey over sexual assault allegations.)

“Super Drags” — Available Nov. 9

Three gay friends, working by day at a department store, lead double lives as crime-fighting superhero drag queens. Sashay shante!

“Motown Magic” — Available Nov. 20

If you don’t have sunshine on a cloudy day, you should enter the world of “Motown Magic,” where Ben, an imaginative boy, transforms his city by bringing bold street art to life, armed with a magic paintbrush — and the classic sounds of Motown.

“Sabrina” — Available Nov. 20

“Sabrina” is pretty much the woke, baby sister to “American Horror Story.” It’s not as scary, but it’s got a ton of weird/gore-y vibes and a touch of feminism. In this recommended series, a toymaker and his wife are terrorized by a demonized doll after their adopted child tries to summon her late mother’s spirit using a spooky ritual.

What’s going:

We all know that a new month means some TV shows and movies will be leaving Netflix. Here’s what we’ll be saying goodbye to from Netflix Canada in November 2018:

Nov. 1:

“The Queen”

Nov. 11:

“Central Intelligence”

Nov. 21:


Nov. 29:


Nov. 30:

“Doctor Strange”