Don't worry if you're badass enough, you can rock an earcuff

Unlike many of my peers, I didn't have to beg my mother to have my ears pierced.

At the tender age of five, I was taken one Friday night to the local shopping centre, whereupon two nice ladies at the chemist kindly performed the "double gun" approach on my kindy-aged earlobes.

At 12, I decided it was time for a second go and, once again, mum was unperturbed. Contrast this to some of my friends who had to beg, bargain or bribe their parents, or, in an even riskier move, don't ask permission and just apologise later, hoping their parents didn't make them remove the "safety" studs they make you wear for the first six weeks.

Ask around and many women (and a few men) will have a story about how they got their ears pierced, as well as some graphic recollections of their first ear piercing infection (supposedly getting them done with a needle was considered safer in this regard but also way more scary/badass).


Of course, there are many women, including some of my friends, for whom getting their ears pierced was never a rite of passage. Either they weren't keen or their parents were so strict they never bothered asking. "When you're 18," was so common a cry in the kitchens of some of my friends that many of them came of age and just never bothered (although some of those same friends wasted no time running to get their first tattoo. Different strokes, I guess).

The good news off the back of last week's Fashion Week Australia, as well as overseas catwalks is that not having your ears pierced is no barrier to rocking some fine ear bling, such is the trend for ear cuffs this summer. Already we are seeing them on the red carpet: Taylor Swift wore one to the Billboard Music Awards; and model Anja Rubik sported one less than a week ago in Cannes.

Jeanette Maree, who worked on the Thurley runway, says although those designs were more intended as show pieces for the runway, ear cuffs are becoming popular with bridesmaids.

From delicate fine hoops to intricate floral pieces, there is a cuff for all tastes and budgets. But despite its size relative to the rest of your outfit, it is a trend that takes a little styling, and a lot of confidence, to rock.

So, how do you do it? Jackie Damelian, creative director of Jackie Mack Designs, says it's all about balance.


"Small earlobes look best with fewer pieces of jewellery," she says. "Larger earlobes can get away with more than two pieces."

To achieve a subtle, cohesive look, Damelian suggests a "huggie" with a dangling piece, followed by a flat stud, and a touch of sparkle with a dainty ear cuff.

Hair styling is particularly important when choosing an ear cuff as there's no point in wearing one if no one can see it, right?

Damelian likes how The Voice's Kelly Rowland has styled her hair with many piercings by creating a hairstyle that frames the face. "Create volume and sweep hair to one side," she says.

Get the look

Make an ear cuff pop with a subtle high neck or a sexy blazer.


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