Even Meghan Markle’s Signature Has Changed Since She Joined the Royal Family


Other examples of the Duchess shifting right before our very eyes: her sartorial choices. She swapped prints and edgy denim for bateau neckline dresses and the fanciest of fascinators. It’s all to be expected for a new royal—Kate Middleton did it, too—but it’s jarring nonetheless. 

Add to all that a recent video making its rounds on Twitter which appears to prove that the American duchess has actually adopted a bit of a British accent.

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So, is Meghan changing her ways so drastically that she’s adopted both a new accent and a new signature in the span of months? Perhaps, but it’s certainly not a bad thing. 

Maybe the truth is less black-and-white: It could be that we never really knew Markle to begin with. Change is hard, but we hope Meghan isn’t losing herself in the process.