Brad Parscale predicts Trump will flip 3 states Clinton won in 2016

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager predicted in an interview with CBS News that the president would win multiple swing states, including at least three he lost in 2016, if the presidential election were held this week.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign chief, said the president would win Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada if the election were held this week. All eight are considered to be up for grabs, to varying degrees, in 2020 and the latter three were all won by Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. and Trump won Florida by 1.2 percentage points and North Carolina by 3.6 points.

Minnesota, a state Clinton won in 2016 by 1.5 points, is “right there at the margin of error,” Parscale said. “I think that’s a state we have to fight for.”

The comments came ahead of Trump’s rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday and were released in full on Friday, the same day Quinnipiac University released a poll that showed Trump trailing both former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in prospective general election matchups.

Biden said earlier this week at the Poor People’s forum that, “If I’m your nominee, winning Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, believe it or not, and I believe we can win Texas and Florida if you look at the polling data now.”

Parscale pushed back against that argument, telling Major Garrett of CBS that, “I don’t think we’re losing any of those states.” The campaign manager has continued to dismiss polling that casts Trump in a negative light, echoing the president, who regularly casts doubt on such data.

Parscale quipped that current methodology is “the fakest thing” and “the biggest joke in politics” and pressed that his strategy is more accurate. “I actually believe more in digital, the kind of AI technology we use … I don’t believe in traditional, head-to-head polling,” he said.

He also predicted that Trump will win in “an electoral landslide,” securing more electoral votes than in 2016. “I think we win Florida, yeah,” Parscale told Garrett. “I think we win in an electoral landslide, as of today.”

Parscale refused to comment on the Trump campaign firing of three pollsters, after internal polling results leaked to the media showed Trump trailing behind Biden in key battleground states. “It just got out of control,” he said, dismissing a question about who made the decision to get rid of the pollsters.

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