Man Tweets Indian Railways Seeking Help For Female Passenger On Period, Receives Instant Help

Issues around menstrual cycle have taken over every major political decision in India. Women on periods are seen as troublemakers in their own vicinity. Many battles have been fought around restrictions imposed on menstruating women.

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Alas, if a woman needs a sanitary napkin she will have to ask for it among a closed group of friends, whispering or using code language to not let anybody else find out. How often have we seen shopkeepers packing sanitary pads in black polythene bags to hide it from the eyes of our respected society. I believe, it becomes all the more obvious that if you spot a black polybag, it means it has a sanitary napkin inside it.

If you are travelling or even going to the office, make sure you are carrying your own supply of pads because if you dare to forget, there is no way you will get sanitary napkins, especially during odd hours. We have heard about public places putting up vending machines for accessing food items and water bottles yet the most inherent need of a woman is ignored.