Actress Chloë Moretz Twitter Account Is Latest Victim of Hackers

The Twitter account belonging to Hollywood actress Chloë Moretz appears to have been hacked a mere five days after the social media giant CEO, Jack Dorsey, saw his account comprised in a cyber attack.

On Wednesday, Moretz’s Twitter account tweeted several expletives, but were later deleted from her page. It is unclear if the actress or someone with access to her account had removed the vulgar posts.

 Trevor Duke-Moretz, the brother of the Adams Family star, said that Chloe was hacked.

@ChloeGMoretz has been hacked- we are trying to resolve- excuse anything being posted,” he wrote.

Among the hackers’ tweet was a reference to “Chuckling Squad,” the group purportedly behind the hacking of Dorsey’s account last week in which several racist remarks were posted to his page. Some of the tweets read: “[A]qua up in this b****,” “Hitler is innocent,” “plugwalking to bed,” and “#ChucklingSquad get it trending for the Twitter password,” which was likely referece to the group responsible for the attack.

“We are aware that @jack was compromised and we are investigating the incident,” Twitter said at the time.

Hip-hop rapper Joey Badass also had his account comprised as hackers posted private messages between him and Chloë Moretz.

Twitter has yet to issue a statement regarding Moretz’s account.