Moving report

Moving report


Report on oil has some interesting co-authors.

A disturbing report has been published by the European Commission’s transport department, DG Move. Oil is expected to be so depleted by 2050 that the EU needs to find substitutes “as soon as possible” to compensate for declining production and meet climate goals, according to a report by an expert group on the future of transport fuels.

This future-gazing exercise was made more remarkable by the membership of the group – since it included representatives of both the European oil industry and the European car industry as well as other industry representatives and green campaigners. So has the European oil industry really signed up to the end of fossil fuels?

Perhaps not. Europia, the European Petroleum Industry Association, has written to DG Move’s director-general, Matthias Ruete, to complain that its views were not properly taken into account. ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, also felt that the final report showed some magical thinking. Another triumph for stakeholder consultation. 

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