Mr. Nick’s Notes: Smackdown Live Edition

06/18/2019 Live from Ontario, CA
Big E was about to explain how they’re going to make the last hour of Smackdown “The Freaky Hour”, but Dolph Ziggler comes out at starts yapping. Thankfully Xavier Woods gets a shot at Ziggler after he’s done yapping about how it should have been him.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn run in and take out Kofi & Big E. Everyone gets ejected and the match continues.
They just showed an ad for a Trish & Lita DVD…they still makes those?
Woods is really impressive tonight. And just as I type that Ziggler takes full control and makes an example of Woods. No surprise here with the title match on Sunday. Ziggler better not win.
Seth Rollins continues taking people out with a chair tonight. Good luck Smackdown midcard.

Oh no, Bayley stole Alexa’s coffee…now this fued it red hot. Scratch that, this segment just made this whole rivalry. Great back and forth promo work from Bayley and Alexa. Nikki Cross comes between them and Alexa takes advantage. Great building segment.
Andrade attacks Apollo Crews backstage. I’d watch a few matches between them.
The B Team v Heavy Machinery
Where are the cardboard belts they won last week? Daniel Bryan on commentary was the star of this match. Otis makes short work of The B Team.

Seth Rollins immediately takes out The B Team for talking with Corbin earlier. Watch out Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin.
Shane McMahon arrives and is quickly Owens & Zayn are in his face complaining about the show (who can blame them?) and end up talking themselves into a 2 out of 3 falls tag match against Kofi & Rollins.
Aleister Black is still waiting for someone to fight him. I really hope it’s Bray Wyatt.
Oh great, Shane McMahon…and Elias…and Drew McIntyre. Classic “I’m going to beat you up promo” time.
Now The Miz shows up? Why? To show a video of Roman beating up Shane on RAW…okay then…I wasn’t aware Roman needed a hype man but here we are.
Oh sweet The Awesome Truth is back and they face McIntyre & Elias.
Backstage we’re reminded that Asuka & Kairi Sane are a tag team. They face the IIconics in Japan for a change at their titles next week on Smackdown (okay then).
R-Truth is eliminated from the tag match and all the mid card talent come racing down for the 24/7 title. They steal it and try to run away with it. I guess they’ve been chasing R-Truth because they don’t know the rules? Sure…why not. Truth grabs the belt and runs away.
As expected Miz gets beat up by McIntyre for the win. Shane picks the bones again. Maybe Miz should stay on RAW.
Ember Moon confronts her bully Sonya Deville backstage. Good. Deville broke her Nintendo Switch last week. That’s not cheap!
Before the main event we get a replay of the amazing Firefly Funhouse. So amazingly twisted.
Oh no…Drake Maverick wins the 24/7 Title by dressing up as Carmella and rolling up R-Truth in the parking lot. He drives away talking about his wedding. Hope his guests are ready for some Truth…
Okay now it’s time for the Main Event.
Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens v KofiMania & The Beast Slayer 2 out of 3 falls tag match
Ref calls for the bell and it doesn’t ring, Kofi hits Sami with Trouble in Paradise for the first fall. Owens complains that they didn’t even ring the bell yet. I mean, he’s not wrong.
During the entrance for Seth Rollins they were hyping his match against Corbin and how hard a time Corbin is having finding a ref for the match. Byron Saxton says the following line “He might need a plan B…” now that’s a little on the nose isn’t it? Like we haven’t put it together by now that Lesnar is going to be the ref.
Back to the second fall of this match.
Seth gets the win over KO after a pretty decent tag match. Pretty cool visual having the Universal and WWE champions teaming up. Now that’s a Mega Power like tag team!
That ends the show for the week. See you again next Tuesday.
Did anyone get a count on how many times they had to say “kicking ass and taking names” during Stomping Grounds hype?