Impact ratings are in for second episode headlined by Cody Rhodes, did it stay above early October’s viewership collapse? (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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Last night’s episode of TNA Impact on Pop TV drew 362,000 viewers, which is back in the territory of what September averaged. September averaged 359,000 viewres with a range of 337,000 to 377,000 viewers. Up until this week, October episodes had averaged just 314,000 with a range of 284,000 to 353,000. This is a good sign that any drop in viewership the first two weeks of October were not a sign of a permanent turning off of viewer interest in the product, as they’ve returned.

Keller’s Analysis: In fact, not counting the two abnormally low weekly ratings at the start of October, the previous ten weeks averaged 351,000 viewers, so this weeks and last week’s viewership now represent an increase over the 10 of the prior 12 weeks, and it’s climbing. TNA being in the news as much as they have been could be a contributor to a higher awareness of the show, and a sense that whether Billy Corgan or the consortium of Aroluxe/Anthem/Dixie end up with ownership, TNA will continue on as a weekly TV series might instill a confidence the show is worth investing in each week, although that’s likely less of a factor than just the quality of the show and a change in competition on Thursday nights (especially a weak NFL Thursday Night Football game). A case could be made that the addition of Cody Rhodes to the show last week in the World Title match and this week in a mixed tag team match is the biggest reason for viewership being up, as he injects some star power and a fresh top act into the mix.

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