NXT Citrus Springs, FL, results: Rich Swann, Biff Busick, Finn Balor, Bayley title match

Submitted by J.J. Williams

– Rich Swann defeats the debuting Chris Gerard (aka Biff Busick) with his standing 450. Good showing here by both newcomers.

– Elias “The Drifter” Samson defeated Steve Cutler w/ his neck breaker finish. A lot of heat on Elias now with “Drift Away” chants.

– Eva Marie, Emma & Billie Kay w/ Dana Brooke & LeFort defeated Liv Morgan, Adrien Reese, & Carmella. Eva held the tights and got the pin on Reese. A lot of booing for Eva here, two heel managers at ringside got a lot of distractions going.

– Promo segment w/ Noah Kekoa saying he no longer wants us in his Friend Zone before Bull Dempsey came out to talk to him about being friends. Noah got upset with Bull and called him fat over and over before Bull laid him out and did his seated splash to teach Noah a lesson.

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– Tye Dillinger defeated Levis Valenzuela Jr. Fun match with comedy early on, the crowd chanted diece for Levis as opposed to Tye’s ten. Dillinger got the upper hand and picked up the win with his knee finisher.

– Hype Bros defeated BAMF w/ Alexa Bliss & Tucker Knight and Hugo Knox in a triple threat tag match. Crowd was hot for Tucker and Hugo, singing the Silver Boots song for Tucker. Blake and Murphy heckled the crowd for cheering the other teams so much. A lot of action before the Hypes got the win.

– Apollo Crews defeated Alex Riley w/ his big slam. Tough guy match here. Apollo had a lot of support so Riley taunted the crowd back.

– NXT Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Peyton Royce in a NXT Women’s Title Match w/ the Belly to Bayley. This Citrus Springs crowd was even rowdier than the recent Full Sail taping, singing both Bayley songs. Bayley danced along to them as Peyton sassed the crowd. Bayley even did some mat work tonight such as a surfboard. After doing ten punches in the corner, the crowd chanted Ten as per Dillinger so Bayley did his hands routine and even a cartwheel to a huge pop. Peyton escaped one Belly to Bayley but couldn’t avoid it the second time. Great match here. Hope to see more.

– NXT Champion Finn Balor, Enzo Amore, & Big Cass defeated Tino Sabatelli & NXT Tag Champions Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder. Dash & Dawson got a lot of heat on Big Cass in this match before the hot tag to Finn who cleared house and scored the win. Faces went around the ring for high fives to send everyone home happy. Enzo even stopped to talk to some younger fans and pose for pictures, these three are great.