Dustin Rhodes Goes Old School At Starrcade

Goldust, Dustin Rhodes got the fans attention at the WWE Starrcade event with a tip of the hat to the old school. He first entered to the theme of his character Golddust and wearing a robe from the character before the music switched to his old WCW theme song “The Natural”. He took off the robe to reveal and unpainted Dustin Rhodes in gear similar to what he wore during WCW’s final days. Although he had been advertised as Dustin Rhodes and made plenty of mention of not using the character during the event, it was still a sight to see and got a big reaction from the crowd.

He faced Dash Wilder at the event and won using a bulldog in tribute to his father Dusty Rhodes, who was a driving force behind Starrcade in its history. Here is the finish of the match.

Dustin later sat down as spoke with the WWE cameras about the event and his father.

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