PETA Tweets About Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd Visits Neurosurgeon

As previously reported, WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan recently said in an interview that he is still looking to change The WWE Title. Bryan first mentioned changing The WWE Title’s design during a WWE Now interview with Mike Rome & Cathy Kelley before The TLC PPV Event in December. Bryan said that he planned to take the leather strap, which he said was made from a skinned cow he had named Daisy and replace it with something “sustainable, something better.” PETA has since picked up the news and commented about it on Twitter, as seen below:

Big muscles. Bigger heart ?? Thanks to @WWEDanielBryan‘s compassion for cows, the @WWE Championship could literally save a life ?? The wrestling star will request a leather-free belt if he champions the #RoyalRumble this Sunday ??https://t.co/MSET9YM12y
— PETA (@peta) January 26, 2019

Tyson Kidd & Natalya recently took a photo with The Neurosurgeon (Dr. Juan Uribe) who worked on Kidd after his neck injury from a match with Samoa Joe in 2015 that ended Kidd’s in-ring career. The tweet noted “TJ fractured his cervical spine in the ring and was at high risk for quadriplegia and death.” Back in November, Kidd went into detail in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling about the injury and said, “five percent of people survive this injury and of the five who do, 99% are paralyzed.”

Pro wrestler @TJWilson stopped by today w/ @NatbyNature to visit his #neurosurgeon, Dr. Juan Uribe. TJ fractured his cervical spine in the ring & was at high risk for quadriplegia & death. Dr. Uribe performed a #spinalfusion, & TJ is doing great! The couple is in town with @WWE. pic.twitter.com/fFn3tNpKoT
— BarrowNeurological (@BarrowNeuro) January 25, 2019

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