TNA Impact Report – 2/2/16

 EC3 is outside the building, writes something on a notepad, hands it to the cameraman and tells him that if he wants to know what’s on his mind, to be at the location on the pad at 4:00.
We go to the arena where Matt Hardy comes out with Reby and Tyrus, and he says that sometimes in business, you have to make tough decisions about the people you love. The fans chant for Jeff, but Matt says we won’t get him because he made the mistake of saying that Matt was staining his name and got piledriven through a table as punishment. Reby tells Jeff that it didn’t have to be this way, but for years, everyone has said that Matt has been living in his shadow. She never believe it, Matt didn’t believe it, and it sure as hell wasn’t true. Reby believes that Jeff’s just jealous that Matt won the World Title fair and square, so jealous that it has left him sitting injured at home, watching. Matt tells Reby how beautiful she is, then says that what happened to JEff wasn’t personal, it was just great business for the Matt Hardy Brand. Eric Young and Bram come out, and Eric says Jeff Hardy is never coming back because of him, and when Bobby Roode cost him his World Title, he took his belt. Jeff took his #1 contendership, he took his career. Eric has no problem with Matt and thinks he’s doing a great job as World Champion, but the World Title goes through him. Matt says he knows Eric is smarter than to threaten him, but before this conversation can go any further, Kurt Angle comes out and he’s dressed to wrestle. He says that Matt’s business deal blew up in his face, and he’s been degrading that title since hw on it. Kurt just talked to a TNA official about his next match for his farewell tour, and he had some great news: it’s gonna be Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy right here tonight, for the TNA World Title! Well, Matt doesn’t look happy about that, but he says it makes sense now, Kurt politicked himself into a title match, and he was enjoying the Kurt Angle farewell tour, but if Kurt keeps pushing his buttons, it’ll end prematurely. Kurt asks if Matt has any idea how many people said they were going to end his career, and he knows he’s only one man, but he will still kick every one of their asses whenever he would choose too. Matt says there’s five of them and one of him, but then Beer Money’s music hits, and Bobby Roode says that their math is a little off. He tells Matt to stick his brand up his ass, and tonight, there’s going to be a fight. Storm says in their business, they’re all about making money and drinking beer, and Beer Money will now start kicking ass. Storm tells Kurt they’ll make sure he gets his fair shake tonight because they’re going to take care of these two goofs. Beer Money brawls with Young and Bram on the floor, but Crazzzzzzzy Steve and Abyss run out, followed quickly by the Wolves. The four teams are fighting it out as Matt and Tyrus hide out on the floor. The heel teams get cleared out, and Roode says that tonight, Beer Money and the Wolves will take on the heel team in a hardcore fight.
Drew Galloway is backstage saying he feels like he won the lottery because he has a World Title shot whenever he wants, and it doesn’t matter where it is … uh oh, Tyrus interrupts the promo. He has some advice for Drew: put the briefcase down and walk away because it’s not a lotto ticket, it’s a target. Drew says that Tyrus has a title shot of his own, but instead of trying to advance his own career, he’s happy being everybody’s big bitch. Tyrus says that’s funny, but warns Drew to remember that he asked for this.

Bobby Lashley vs Aiden O’Shea
O’Shea jumps Lashley from behind and beats him down as Raquel walks down to ringside. O’Shea continues the beating outside the ring, then continues it inside, but then Lashley clotheslines O’Shea over the top rope as Raquel looks on intently. She distracts Lashley on the floor and O’Shea blindsides him with a right hand, then dumps him back into the ring and locks a sleeper on. Lashley gets free, whips O’Shea back and forth from corner to corner, and hits an impressive delayed vertical suplex before drilling him with the spear for the win.
Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raquel gets in the ring and grabs a mic, and tells Lashley that she said he’d see her again. The message remains the same: she can bring him pain, or she can bring him pleasure. Lashley looks puzzled as Raquel strolls away.

Maria is backstage, and she’s…WALKING!
We’re back, and EC3 is getting mic’d up for his first interview since losing the TNA World Title.
Maria welcomes us to his place of worship, and normally she comes out to introduce the Miracle, but tonight, she wants to talk about something she’s passionate about: women’s wrestling. She doesn’t think women’s wrestling needs a miracle, she thinks women’s wrestling needs is a leader, an arrow to point it in the right direction. Her name is Maria Kanellis-Bennett, and she is the first lady of professional wrestling. She is that arrow, that leader, and many of us may think that the Knockouts division is just fine, but it’s broken, and she is the only one that can change it. Oout with the old and in with the new. Gail Kim comes out to have a word with Maria and says they’ve known each other for a long time, and while she admires everything she’s done, but she has an issue with everything she just said. Maria says Gail is a great wrestler, but she’s just a wrestler while Maria is a businesswoman girls can look up to. She can help Gail and make her mainstream, but Gail doesn’t want or need her help, because the Knockouts are about being strong, powerful women, and if Maria wants to contribute, she can put her boots on and get in the ring. Maria says Gail is the problem because she’s the leader and she stinks. Gail tells Maria to go ahead and fix the problem, and Maria says people like her don’t tell Maria what to do, they work for people like her. Gail backs Maria into the corner and tells her to go ahead and put her money where her mouth is, but Maria rolls out under the bottom rope and walks confidently to the back.

Beer Money thanks the Wolves for having their back out there, and Eddie says they’re on the same side tonight, but Davey says they know that Beer Money wants what’s theirs, and Storm says they’re here to solidify their legacy, not make it. This leads to an argument between the two sides, but Roode calms everyone down and focuses them on the match tonight.
Hardcore War: The Wolves & Beer Money vs Decay, Eric Young & Bram
Davey and Steve start, and Steve came down the ramp with some kind of jacked up baseball bat with a chain on it, but Davey disarms him and they go at it in the ring. Just for the record, this match happens under Wargames style rules where they alternate sending people in. Steve gets a steel chair, but Davey gets ahold of the chain bat and uses it to hit the chair and knock Steve out of the park. Bram is in next, and he’s got his turnbuckle in hand. Davey fires off a bunch of kicks at him, but Bram catches the foot and chokeslams Davey, then takes him out to the floor and does his usual out there. Bram and Steve beat Davey up until Storm comes out with a keg he uses to work Bram over. Storm brutalizes Bram’s groin until Eric Young comes out with a kendo stick. Young runs amok as we go to commercial.
We’re back, and Eddie Edwards came in during the commercial break as the battle continues in and all around the ring. Eddie tries to powerbomb Bram on the floor but gets backdropped and cracked in the head by a trash can lid from Eric Young. Abyss comes out with Janice in hand and Rosemary in tow, but Storm takes Abyss out with a dive through the ropes as Steve hammers Eddie with the kendo stick. Abyss chokeslams Davey in the ring and lays Eddie out as well, then waits for Roode to enter the ring last. Roode comes out with a hockey sitck in hand, and he absolutely waylays Abyss, then Steve, then Young, then Young again, and then Young again. Roode hits a spinebuster on Young, Abyss chokeslams Roode, Davey nails Abyss with a chair, Eddie hits the top rope double stomp on Abyss, Bram takes Eddie out, Storm clotheslines Bram, Steve bites Storm, then everyone comes in and the babyfaces suplex all the heels except Abyss. All the faces do BEER…MONEY, Abyss clotheslines the Wolves out of their boots and then nails Beer Money with right hands and flattens Davey with a Black Hole Slam. Beer Money and Young/Bram duke it out on the ramp, and in the ring, and Davey’s about to put Steve away, but Abyss drills Davey with the tag belt and Steve covers Davey for the win.
Winner: Eric Young, Abyss & Decay
I think now I can see why Rebel didn’t want Knux hanging around with Steve.
Drew Galloway finds Kurt Angle in the locker room and says it was an honor taking him on during the farewell tour, and sometimes you never know how good someone is until you wrestle them, but Kurt is the best. Angle says Drew is a great athlete who is going to lead the company for years to come. Drew says it’s a dream sometimes, but Kurt Angle has the chance to win the title again tonight, and when Kurt wins the title, he wants to tear down the house one more time for the World Title. Kurt says he hopes that happens, and Drew wishes him luck tonight.
We’re back, and the next match is just starting!
Tyrus vs Drew Galloway
Tyrus jumps Drew before the bell, beats him up, and spits at Pope at ringside, and that allows Drew the chance to mount a comeback. Drew off the top, but Tyrus headbutts him in the chest on the way down and drops an elbow for 2. Tyrus gets a nerve hold, but Drew gets out and starts firing back. Drew ducks a wild swing and unloads with chops, he goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Tyrus rams Drew into the corner and hits a heart punch. Tyrus goes up the ropes, but Drew shows a lot of power by taking him up and clear across the ring, and he sets up for the Claymore boot when the lights go out and Maria Kanellis appears at the top of the ramp to tell Drew that his miracle starts now. The lights come up and Bennett smashes Drew in the head with his own briefcase.
Winner: Drew Galloway by DQ
Bennett gets a mic and asks Drew if he believes in the Miracle now? He knows what Drew was thinking, and that the briefcase was the answer to all his questions, that it was his miracle, that he would win the World Title, but that is not the miracle that TNA needs, because he is.
Kurt Angle is backstage talking about how great his time in TNA has been, and how cool it would be to retire as the World Champion. Bobby Lashley interrupts to say how cool it would be if Angle won the World Title, then lost it to him in the same place he took it from Lashley last year. Lashley pats him on the back a bit hard and smiles as he walks off.
Tigre Uno comes out to defend his title, and Hurricane Helms comes out in his street clothes and says that he’s not quite dressed for the occasion, but that’s because Tigre agreed to a title match and Helms never said it would be with him. Here’s Tigre’s challenger, a man he’s personally coached and trained for years, Trevor Lee!
X Division Title Match: Tigre Uno vs Trevor Lee
Tigre goes right after Lee, but Lee hits a knee to the midsection and unloads with elbows. Tigre hits a dropkick, but Lee powders out to the floor to break the momentum. He comes back in and drills Tigre with a running forearm, then pummels Tigre with elbows and chokes. Lee continues to brutalize Tigre like a miniature Bruiser Brody, then pops Tigre over with a gutwrench, and Tigre rolls him up for 2. Trevor dumps Tigre out to the floor, but Tigre trips Lee off the apron and springboards off the steps with a flying headscissors. Tigre reverses a German suplex attempt to a rollup for 2, then hits an enziguiri and hits the ropes, but Trevor leaps straight up and hits a standing double stomp, hits a fisherman buster, and we have a new X Division Champion!
Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Tigre Uno
Oh no, the greatest X Division Champion of all time has been defeated!
Matt Hardy and his entourage are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! And so is Kurt Angle!
Ethan Carter III is…somewhere telling someone on his cell phone that this is exactly what he wants to do.
Ethan Carter III says that in today’s culture, when something bad happens to somebody, you expect them to go off the rails. He was undefeated for two years and expected the party to never stop, and he realizes he’s been a piece of s***, but it all came to a head when he suffered the worst beating of his life. He’s never been unbeatable, but he just wants to win the most because winning is an addiction that he wishes he could buy on the black market El Chapo style. It culminated when he won the TNA World Title, and he congratulates Matt Hardy for beating him, even though it took everything he had. No matter what Matt threw at him, he got up, and it ended up being the thing he loved the most, the TNA World Title itself, that finally kept him down. He doesn’t run from his problems, he faces them head on. He’s getting on a plane to the UK and will shadow Matt Hardy, and he’ll bring hell with him.
It’s main event time!
TNA World Title Match: Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Reby distracted Kurt to allow Matt to get the jump on Angle, quickly hitting his clothesline/bulldog combo for 2. Tyrus takes a cheapshot from the floor and Matt continues pummeling Angle in the corner. Angle comes back with a series of clotheslines and an overhead release suplex. He hits the rolling German suplexes, then he hits the Hacker Slam for 2 as we go to commercial.
Kurt Angle has Hardy in the anklelock as we come back, but Matt rolls forward and Angle goes out to the floor where Tyrus takes him out with a clothesline. Tyrus then goes after Pope and physically manhandles him while Pope visibly has to restrain himself from retaliating. Angle goes back in the ring, blocks a Twist of Fate, Hardy escapes an Angle Slam, Angle counters another Twist of Fate and gets Matt in an anklelock. Matt rolls through and cradles Angle for 2, then hits a Side Effect for 2. Angle hits another Hacker Slam for 2, Hardy goes to the eyes, but Angle goes back to the rolling Germans. Hardy pulls the referee’s shirt over his head, kicks Angle in the ding ding, and hits the Twist of Fate. He covers, but Angle is out at 2 and Matt and Reby are both unhappy. Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate, but Angle blocks and hits MORE rolling German suplexes. Angle goes to the second rope, Reby grabs Angle’s ankle, and Hardy uses the opening to hit a Twist of Fate off the second rope for the win.
Winner: Matt Hardy
Good match, and glad we got this match before Angle left. Matt celebrates by making out with Reby.
Source: PWInsider

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