Sami Callihan Talks Facing Tessa Blanchard At Slammiversary, Calls Blanchard One Of The Best In The World, Says IMPACT Is Being Slept On

IMPACT star Sami Callihan was a recent guest in Interactive Wrestling Radio where the oVe leader hyped his upcoming intergender matchup on Sunday against former Knockouts champion Tessa Blanchard. Callihan also puts over IMPACT, calling the promotion a “renegade company” that is not afraid to stand apart from others. Check out highlights below.

Facing Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary:

A match that is going to change the wrestling world and is going to change the entire landscape at a national level. One of the marquee matches of the night and for the first time in Impact Wrestling, intergender wrestling is getting this kind of buzz. The numbers don’t lie. There’s more people liking it, loving it, retweeting it. Over the last couple of months, everything they’ve put out about this match has been retweeted and retweeted. Message after message! For everyone that is hating on it, I’m giving you exactly what you want. You want women to be treated equally? I’m going to do that.

Blanchard’s talent:

What better woman to do it with than Tessa Blanchard? I may not agree with her. I may think that she’s a bitch. But, at the end of the day, I have to somewhat respect her because either male or female, she’s one of the best wrestlers on the entire planet today.

Whether he will change his style against Blanchard:

No, I’m going to wrestle her exactly as I would wrestle Pentagon Jr… Exactly as I would wrestle Brian Cage… Exactly as I would wrestle anyone on the roster. If I don’t go out there and if I don’t give her my all, it is disrespectful.

His opinion of IMPACT:

We are the true renegade company. We are the Island of Misfit Toys. We’re the company that is not afraid to go out there and try something different. We’ve been doing that. People may think of Impact as the old Impact. The Impact of old has been dead for a year and a half now. The Impact of new is something to mess with.

IMPACT’s potential new television deal:

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I think that’s huge and that is the only thing Impact is missing right now. I ain’t gonna hate on the Pursuit and Twitch deal, though. We’ve got a lot of eyes on Twitch! And, the one good thing about Pursuit and Twitch is Impact Wrestling, over the past year is we have been able to do what we want. We haven’t had a network telling us what we can and can’t do. That is why Impact is striding. And that is why, once we get on a bigger network, it is off to the races!

The current wrestling landscape:

Wrestling right now is great. The one problem with wrestling right now is the fans – They want to pit every company against each other. You know you’re allowed to like more than one wrestling? And, you know if someone likes a wrestling (company) you don’t like, how about you just shut your mouth about it? Why does everybody have to have an opinion on something that they know nothing about?

You can find the full interview here.