Multiple Title Changes Rumored for WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

— It is expected that there will be multiple title changes this Friday at Greatest Royal Rumble and at the top of the list are both the United States and Intercontinental championships. If either The Miz or Samoa Joe win the IC title and bring it over to Smackdown, it would be virtually a lock that Jinder Mahal will win the US title and bring it to Raw as WWE would surely want to keep the secondary titles on separate shows to keep things balanced.

— Currently, WWE has made public one way or another 39 names to be a part of the 50-man Royal Rumble, which would exclude all the Cruiserweights who are not expected to be involved in that match. One more competitor will be announced after the local evaluation camp/competition that is being held in Saudi Arabia at the moment. That would leave approximately ten names currently unknown. [Note: Two more names have been reported since – Hornswoggle and Shawn Daivari]

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