Ric Flair's Management Group Issues Statement Regarding Stolen Money Claims

As we reported on Friday, Ric Flair is suing his former management company over money earned from the new ESPN 30 For 30: Nature Boy documentary on his life, which he alleges was stolen.

According to the WWE Hall Of Famer, he was paid $25,000 for the new ESPN special on his life and career, however his manager allegedly stole the money, along with $12,000 for a new endorsement deal.

After the news became public, Flair’s former management group, Legacy Talent and Entertainment, issued the following statement regarding the situation to TMZ:

“Ric Flair has always been known to be dramatic and looking desperately for the spotlight,” Legacy Talent said. “That’s fine as a wrestler but it is despicable when he blatantly lies. As anyone who read [the Ric Flair Grantland article] knows, Ric has always left a trail of destruction in his wake whether it be from his ex wives, the IRS, creditors, or from his former business partners and friends… the debris is everywhere. Our client wishes Flair nothing but the best and is sad that things have come to this after over a decade of hard work and incredible results for their client.

“Our client provided Flair an accounting of funds as they always did throughout their representation,” Legacy Talent said. “Flair then demanded funds that belonged to buyers be released from trust that he had not yet earned and our client would not be bullied into doing anything unethical. In reality the $37,000 in dispute are in his management company’s trust account while we were working out a settlement on the sums of money owed our client from deals and money Flair hid from his management.”

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