EC3 Talks About His Heel Turn, Impact Wrestling Returning On The Road

Impact Wrestling star Ethan Carter III (EC3) recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

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On his character shift from babyface to heel: “As a protagonist, I’ve fallen into a hole of what do people want as opposed to what do I want,” EC3 said. “In this mold, in this push forward, I can be more of what I want to be and try things different without the fear of fan reprisal. If they do not like it, I’m still doing my job. And my job is to make them not like it. Some do. Some like me as an assh*le.

“I tweeted this one time to people who said they like me better as a heel: eat shit. So I will say that to the fans now, if you liked me better as a heel: eat shit. Therefore, you either really like that statement or they really hate it and I can’t change your mind which is cool. If they want to boo me, great. Awesome. You want to cheer me? I don’t want you to cheer me but you can if you want.”

On Impact Wrestling returning on the road for non-televised live events: “I want to see what’s working outside of the Impact Zone. You don’t always know what’s catching on because you’re in front of the same audience and they’ve already seen it. Going out there in front of different audiences and see what they react to the most tells me what I need to focus on more.”

Check out the complete EC3 interview at SportingNews.com.