VIDEO: Being The Elite – Sad Hangman

Video —

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This week on Being The Elite —

John Silver won a mustard packet throwing challenge over Trent to retain the BTE Championship. Silver also won $1000 from Nick Jackson in the challenge.  

The Elite —

The Young Bucks plugged their book. 
Matt and Nick were playing basketball backstage. Matt Hardy approached and told them about the time that he substituted for Steve Austin after he took his ball and went home. Hardy then chastised Matt and Nick for having a bad attitude towards him of late. 

Dark Order —

Dark Order commiserated in their backstage area after John Silver and Anna Jay lost their matches last week. They shared a group hug. Colt Cabana has his face back. Hangman Page saw the group hug and was envious. Sad cowboy music played. 
Anna Jay and Tay Conti interrupted a Jurassic Express meeting with Super Panda. The ladies were smitten with Panda once he began singing. Marko Stunt freaked out and accused Panda of stealing his singing gimmick. 

Miscellaneous bits —

In the cold open, Private Party tricked Ortiz into eating a spicy chip. Ortiz no-sold it until Private Party was out of sight, then ran for a bathroom to throw up. 
Brandon Cutler didn’t know what a hard camera was. Frankie Kazarian called him a mark. Marko Stunt asked Kazarian if he had signed up for anger management classes yet. 
We saw Cutler Cam footage from Dynamite. 
Kip Sabian threatened Leva Bates for beating him in video games.