Sheamus Interview: Kiss My Arse Match, His New Attitude & Look

This week’s WWE.com sitdown interview features Sheamus talking to Michael Cole about his new attitude, his “Kiss My Arse” match against Dolph Ziggler this Sunday at Extreme Rules and more. Here’s a recap:

– Sheamus says he’s having the time of his life with his new look and attitude. The past few weeks have been a breath of fresh air for him and he feels reborn. He’s not worried about fan feedback on his new look and says the only voice that matters is his.

– Cole asks why Sheamus has an issue with underdogs like Neville, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus says underdogs make a romantic story, but it’s fantasy. All he sees are pretenders who look just like the fans in the audience. All of these “so-called Superstars” seem to be multiplying, but he’s a true Superstar of WWE. He’s going to restore order in WWE and show the fans what a real WWE Superstar is.

– Sheamus took a look at himself when he was out of action with an injury and didn’t like he saw. He realized to be liked is to be yourself and that’s what he’s doing.

– Sheamus previewed his Kiss My Arse match against Dolph Ziggler this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Beating a man is one thing, but taking his soul is another. Sheamus says he’s going to embarrass Ziggler in Chicago – and will send a message to the entire WWE Universe that they can all kiss his arse.

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