Jim Ross Blog: Should WWE Sign Bubba Ray Dudley?, Austin/HHH, Reigns

In a new blog posted on his official website, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross shared his thoughts on tonight’s “Stone Cold Podcast” with Triple H, the controversy surrounding Roman Reigns, CM Punk in the UFC and whether or not WWE should sign Bubba Ray Dudley.

Below are highlights:

On tonight’s “Stone Cold Podcast” with Triple H: “Hopefully, the HHH podcast with Steve Austin won’t be the best part of my Monday night WWE viewing as the two former rivals have a tough act to follow after the Austin/McMahon podcast of a few weeks ago. I’m curious to see what twists and turns this interview takes as it should be a revealing and entertaining hour or so of programming. Austin and Jericho are the beneficiaries of having the WWE Network behind them with their respective podcasts.

IMO the more original @WWENetwork programming WWE can create the better in my view. Things like Austin/HHH should be good for the network and is relatively inexpensive to produce.”

On the controversy surrounding Roman Reigns: “Some never say die fans are still complaining about Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble but I’d guess by next week it won’t be such a big deal to the vocal minority. None of us know what shape of the WM31 card is going to resemble in it’s final rendition. I’m happy to wait and see as I can’t affect the card any more than anyone reading this.

Plus, my guess is that many who say that they won’t watch WM31 will be unable to resist temptation especially for $9.99.

Question…do you think that most vocal wrestling fans are as passionate regarding other, more important aspects of their lives as they are about pro wrestling? Just curious….”

On CM Punk in the UFC: “After talking with several MMA aficionados over the past several days they agree that it is ignorant for those MMA purists to diss CM Punk for getting into MMA w/ UFC including the fact that Brock Lesnar may well stick is toe back into UFC waters. It’s all about the cash and bringing press to the brand in a positive manner. What it actually is would be a no brainer to sane individuals.

No one in MMA, boxing or pro wrestling has enough box office attractions even if said attractions turns out to be a one hit wonder. That’s why now is a good time to take calculated risks.”

On Bubba Ray Dudley to WWE: “From a creative standpoint, I could easily see Bubba Dudley returning to WWE if for no other reason to allow Bubba to work with the younger talents on the road at live events. Young talents cannot improve working with those who have the same or less than them skill sets.”

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