REPORT: Rey Mysterio Likely To Join Alberto Del Rio At TripleMania This Sunday

Rey Mysterio has been invited to TripleMania this Sunday and is likely to show up there, according to Steve Sims at F4WOnline.com. Mysterio will not be wrestling and will likely appear as a guest. The same goes for Alberto Del Rio.

As noted, the belief is that Del Rio has a non compete clause and he’s already received his final paycheck. He can show up at TripleMania unless it says somewhere in his WWE deal that he can’t be there. Since AAA and Del Rio have confirmed that he’ll be there this Sunday it doesn’t seem to be an issue or they are willing to deal with WWE’s legal team.

Rey Mysterio has wanted to get out of WWE for some time. WWE feels that he owes them a year because of the time he’s been off due to injuries. He is still a WWE employee though so that’s an interesting grey area and it will be interesting to see if WWE reacts to Mysterio appearing at the show this Sunday.

Possible SPOILER for the Daniel Bryan/Megan Miller storyline