Wade Barrett Comments On The Intercontinental Cup

Starting next week, six WWE superstars will begin competing in a 3-week, “Intercontinental Cup” on WWE Main Event to determine the #1 contender to Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental championship. Barrett tweeted the following about the Cup:

“Just been informed of the ‘Intercontinental Cup’ planned for @WWE #MainEvent over the next three weeks…”

“Whilst I encourage competition, I suggest any @WWE Superstar has a long hard think about the prize on offer before entering. #BullHammer”

“Actually, #IntercontinentalCup entrants can pick their poison: #BullHammer, #Wasteland, #WindsOfChange. Makes no difference to me.”

Barrett also had some choice words for his for former Nexus partners Heath Slater and Michael McGillicutty. McGillicutty tweeted Barrett saying that he wants to compete in the Intercontinental Cup. Barrett responded, “I’ll end your career again…” As for Heath Slater, he wrote:

“I really hope @HeathSlaterOMRB enters the #IntercontinentalCup. If he got to the final, I’d pulverize him with all three moves.”

A fan told Barrett that it’s no wonder Slater’s dog bit him. He replied:

He’s lucky i didn’t call the dog warden on his filthy mutt. Actually, if @HeathSlaterOMRB wants a title shot, he can have one anytime. If I win, I get his filthy dog. #ThePoundForBoodah”

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