Chris Jericho Talks About Being a Wrestler & A Rock Star, Leaving WWE

Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by SoundSpike. In the interview he talks about his music and wrestling gigs. Here are some highlights.

Simultaneously Being a Pro Wrestler & A Rock Star: “I’ve been nothing but a wrestling fan and a music fan since I was a young kid. I just couldn’t decide which one of them I wanted to do. So I said, ‘I’ll do them both.’ I’ll be the first singer-wrestler the same way that Jared Leto is the first actor-singer with 30 Seconds to Mars. The only person who will tell you you can’t do it is you. If you say you can do it, then you have to make it happen.”

Being Excited For The Upcoming “Uproar” Tour: Yeah, very excited. I mean, after doing this for 13 years, we’ve never done a full U.S. tour. So not only is it a full U.S. tour, it’s one of the biggest of the summer. So we’re really, really pumped about it, excited to get there and steal the show and tear some heads off every night.

Balancing Wrestling with Music: I’ll be done wrestling at that point. You can’t balance them both. I came back to wrestling when we were recording “Sin and Bones,” knowing that as soon as the record came out, I’d be done with the WWE. That’s what’s happened. I think the last gig is the same day as the record comes out, Aug. 14, then we go straight to Uproar and then we’re off.

What Inspired The New Album “Sin and Bones”?: “Chasing the Grail” did a lot for us, our last record in 2010. We got a lot of momentum built up for that and from the live shows that we played. We wanted to continue in the same vein in what we were doing with “Grail.” We kind of figured out, after all these years, what it is that we could pass, which is very heavy riffs and melodic and hooky choruses. It’s almost like if Metallica and Journey and Coldplay had a three way this is what ended up. We wanted to do more of that with “Sin and Bones.” We kind of had this monster. We wanted to make it our “Black” album. What I mean by that is the “Black” album had all 12 songs that were all loosely related to each other. Not lyrically, but there’s a certain feel to that record, a certain vibe to it. We wanted to do Fozzy’s “Black” album by having 10 songs that all have a smilar feel and a similar vibe and keep everything within the blocks. I think that’s what we did. That’s why this record is going to be a really big success. It’s the epitome of who we are as a band, what we do songwriting and performance-wise.

What Can Fans Expect From Fozzy at Uproar?: We’re going to steal the show every night. We’re a very road-trained band. We’ve been touring in dozens of countries for the last 10 years. We have five amazing show business veterans who know exactly what to do to have a great show, to get the crowd into the show and to put on a show. I always like to say the only people that don’t like Fozzy are the ones that have never heard us or seen us. That’s gonna change at Uproar. My goal every night is for people to go, “You know Godsmack was great but Fozzy, man, those guys were amazing. We didn’t expect them to be like that.” That’s what we like. We’ve made a whole career off of low expectations and I plan to blow people’s heads off with this tour. I know we have the ability to. We’re just raring to go and we’re excited.

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