Paul Heyman Returns To Raw, Reveals That Brock Lesnar Has Quit WWE

Brock Lesnar was extended an invitation to explain his assault on Triple H on last week’s Raw SuperShow, but was nowhere to be found Monday night. Instead, Brock’s representative, Paul Heyman, came out to the ring to read a statement.

Heyman said Lesnar has been underappreciated by the WWE audience since day one, and that holds true with corporate management. Heyman also said that as the only man to ever win the WWE Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship and an NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship, Lesnar felt betrayed because his contract demands were not met.

Heyman said Lesnar asked him to appear on Raw and read the statement. In the written address, Lesnar took shots at Triple H, saying the WWE Chief Operating Officer is jealous of him, and expressed anger at how he has been treated. Heyman concluded his statement by saying Lesnar has quit WWE and “will never be coming back.”

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