RAW Report 6/20/11 Baltimore, Maryland

This week’s three hour ‘Power To The People’ RAW starts with music and pyro.

King, Cole and Booker go through how WWE is giving the ‘Power To The People’ through cell phones, texting A, B or C.

CM Punk’s music and he comes out. A kneel on the stage, then down to the ring in his Punk shirt, long black shorts, his ring boots, pads and tape. Punk sits in the center of the ring and says ‘Power To The People’. He wouldn’t trust any of them with the content of this program. What terrible decisions will they make. They live in Baltimore, they can move. They can’t do anything about his career. He’s the best wrestler in the world. He soundly defeated Rey at CP. He soundly defeated Cena on RAW last week. Wins and losses do mean something. He’s #1 contender for the WWE Championship. This is not a debate or argument. It’s a fact over the past two weeks. He wants the RAW GM to shoot an email to Cole and make it official that he’s #1 contender. He wants the match scheduled in his hometown at MITB. He won MITB two years in a row. Consider this an old fashioned sit in. He’s there until it’s made official. After a bit –

Ding-Ding! Cole asks for attention and Punk says the words with Cole. He tells Cole to hurry up, get up there!

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “I understand your demands and will certainly take them under consideration, but for right now, I’m asking you to leave the ring.”

Punk tells Cole he loves him and is just doing his job, but he or she is asking Punk to leave the ring, but –

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “I suggest you leave the ring right now.”

Punk says until you announce him as #1 contender, he suggest they watch him make snow angels. Punk leans back and makes imaginary snow angels in the ring!

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “I was going to name you the #1 contender later tonight, but since I feel a twinge of disrespect, you’ll have to earn it. Later tonight you will go one on one with Alberto Del Rio and the winner will be the #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Punk says he’s used to a lot of people around here making bad decisions. ADR has one fluke win over Big Show, one fluke win –

Ding-Ding! And I quote, “Now your #1 Contender Match will be a Triple Threat Match. You versus ADR, versus Rey Mysterio.”

Punk is really pissed in the ring, but RAW’s music is playing and his Miz is shut off. Punk over to announce yelling at Booker who seems to think this is funny. Punk stomps off, kicks the stairs, hurts himself and limps off.

Later tonight we choose who Brie Bella will face. A – Eve B – Kelly C – Beth Phoenix

The camera is backstage and on Eve, then Kelly, then Beth. The camera pulls back and shows all three.

– Commercial

Divas Championship Match – Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly

The Bellas out to the ring in very purple outfits. King says he wanted to vote for each of the three, at least once. Who will Brie face? Drum roll and it’s Kelly. She comes out in gold, all smiles.

They lock up. A cheap shot to Kelly, then Brie out. Kelly after her. Back to the ring, but Kelly sent flying off the apron. Back in and Kelly is slammed face first into the top buckle, then choked on the bottom buckle. Kelly then choked on the second rope. Brie pins, but only gets two. An arm/chin hold on Kelly who screeches through it. Kelly up and elbows free, but slammed back with a handful of hair. A chinlock on Kelly back on the mat. Kelly up and bum bumps Brie back to get free. Brie is tripped, then Kelly slams Brie’s face to the mat over and over, screaming the whole time. Thesz press to Brie. Running bulldog to Brie for two. Swinging neck breaker to Kelly for two. Kelly whipped but gets her feet up. Kelly goes for a victory roll, but Brie tries to counter it. Kelly is able to roll through and pin Brie for three.

Winner & new Divas Champion – Kelly Kelly

King into the ring to talk to Kelly. She thanks everyone for voting for her and she’ll make everyone proud. It’s her first Divas Championship and will work hard. Cole is talking about how he’s yacking, vomiting over the whole thing. Video of Kelly’s reversal and three. Kelly up on the stage, strap held high.

Video of Evan Bourne and his high flying moves.

‘Power To The People’ people. Who will face Evan Bourne? A – Jack Swagger B – Mason Ryan C – Sin Cara

– Commercial

Evan Bourne vs. Mason Ryan

Evan out to the ring, all smiles. King says he got a text from the WWE for voting. Evan will be facing Mason Ryan? Evan is still smiling, but no one in the arena are liking this.

Ryan talks smack to Evan in the ring. Evan moves around fast, keeping away from Ryan. A kick to Ryan’s leg. Evan backed into a corner, but gets free. Evan grabs Ryan’s leg and Ryan gets his hand on Evan. Shoulder blocks to Evan in a corner. A pretty large contingent of male voices (well more than twenty) start chanting, “Batista!” Evan nails Ryan with two drop kick, but Ryan stays standing. A clothesline to Evan, then Ryan stomps. Ryan picks Evan up and hits a backbreaker and holds on Then another backbreaker, then a fall away slam. Ryan chokes on Evan in a corner, but Evan comes back with kicks and blows. A sweet high knee to Ryan’s face!

Ryan raises Evan high above his head and slams him to the mat. Evan set up top, but fights back. Ryan down, but then up. Evan over Ryan’s top, mule kick to Ryan’s back. Evan tries to roll Ryan up and gets a long two, but not the win. Ryan grabs Evan and slams him to the mat hard for three.

Winner – Mason Ryan

Cole thanks the WWE Universe for helping destroy Evan. Video of the final slam. Ryan leaves the ring with a smile.

Kane versus Mark Henry. What type of match? A – Body Slam Match? B – Arm Wrestling Match? C – Over The Top Rope Match?

Backstage Henry’s heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Next Monday, from Las Vegas, the return of RAW Roulette!

Fans in the front row are texting. Cole talks about the problems between Henry and Big Show. Big Show’s attack on Henry on Smackdown. Henry was taken out on a stretcher, first time in Henry’s career.

Henry out to the ring looking rather surly. Video of Henry putting Big Show through Spanish announce at CP last night. What have the fans chosen for this match?

Henry says we now see what happens when the world’s largest athlete meets the world’s strongest man. Last night at CP, Big Show got punished. Just like Henry got punished on Smackdown. When Big Show walks the earth, the earth shakes. When Henry walks the earth, everyone shakes. See, bigger isn’t always better. Just like his music says, when you’re dealing with the world’s strongest man, somebody’s going to get their ass kicked!

– Commercial

Arm Wrestling Match – Mark Henry vs. Kane

Henry is still in the ring talking smack, but now off mic. King announces that this will be an Arm Wrestling Match? Fire, then Kane comes out to the ring staring right through Henry. Fire from all four, then Kane wiggles the arm wrestling table a bit, taunting Henry.

They start to set up, but then Henry backs off. “This is stupid!” chants are easily heard in the arena. Kane’s ready, but Henry again backs off. For a third time Kane is ready, Henry starts to set up, then Kane pulls back with a smile. Finally they lock up and they barely move. Back and forth a bit. Henry in control, but then Kane starts coming back. Henry punches Kane in the head to end it all.

Winner – Kane via DQ?

Henry on Kane, then Kane back with blows. Henry muscles out of a choke slam and clotheslines Kane. Kane to his feet and Henry hits Kane with the padded top of the arm wrestling table. Kane outside and Henry out after him. A big slap to Kane’s upper back sounds sick! A head butt to the back of Kane’s head and Henry’s still following. “Big Show!” chants. Henry picks Kane up and slams him spine first into the post. Henry’s now over yelling at Booker. Cole tells Booker to get in there as he’s talking so much smack. Cole says he’s never seen this look in Henry’s eyes! Henry picks Kane up, walks around the back of announce and slams Kane through announce. Henry yells that he don’t see no one. He don’t see no one comin’! “You suck!” chants to Henry. Video of Henry sucker punching Kane. Henry yells about not getting any respect and “Aint no one getting no peace, not while I be doing it!” Henry then yells, “I did this!” He goes off about being the best there ever been. Someone in a front row touched Henry and he yelled at the person not to touch him.

Video of R-Truth taking Cena out last week and stealing his strap.

– Commercial

Booker, Cole and King are sitting behind a demolished table. Booker says they need a new table, King says he needs a new phone.

Video promo for R-Truth talking about being born into a great life. The Little Jimmies and Little Jennies. Cena tells R-Truth he’s out of his mind. R-Truth only needs the opportunity! But last night at CP R-Truth stole a hat, got a drink in the face and lost the match.

R-Truth out to the ring with his lack of music. R-Truth puts the mic to his face, then stops. “You suck!” R-Truth says he can see the people in Baltimore don’t have no home training, so he’ll let them be the animals they are. Are they all having fun tonight? Cheers! That they get to make the calls. He made a call to himself in his head. Last night at CP he didn’t think this out clearly.


“Don’t what me!”


See, he axe himself. Self, who might try to get you.


Might be that computer right there.


Or it might be John Cena.


“Stop what-ing me!”


“You know what happened folks?”


“I got okey-doked by Little Jimmie!”


R-Truth with a scary serious look on his face.

“I got got by Little Jimmies, that aint -“


“Shut up!”

He new it was a conspiracy! All the Little Jimmies, the Big Jimmies, even Momma Jimmies!

Christian’s music hits and he comes out. He feels where R-Truth is coming from, dog. ‘Power To The People’? What a complete joke. He’s been in this business 17 long years and finally became the World Heavyweight Champion, only to have it stolen 5 days later. Why? These people decided he should face Orton. He’s had his opportunities, he’s had setbacks. He blames horrible audiences, horrible crowds like this one here in Baltimore. He blames a horrible GM and now horrible reffing that was never more evident than it was last night. Take a look?

R-Truth asks Christian what he need?

Christian calls up the shot from CP where Christian’s foot and hand were under the ropes when the ref counted the three for Orton to retain.

Christian says he should be standing there as the brand new World Heavyweight Champion. R-Truth says he should. He’s not out there to ask, he’s there to demand justice is proven. Christian says he needs one more chance. R-Truth asks how many shots Christian has had. Christian says it doesn’t matter, he only needs one more. R-Truth says he got one chance and got got by Little Jimmie!

The fans love this, so he yells at them.

Christian asked who’s Little Jimmies?

R-Truth says maybe in Canada they don’t have Little Jimmies! In America, the Little Jimmies want him to be a good R-Truth!

Miz’s music and out he comes. Really? Really? Really? Really? They want to complain about what happened to them last night? “You whiners! You bunch of crybabies! Waa! Waa! Waa!” Miz says Christian is complaining about a bad ref call. R-Truth is complaining about a Little Jimmie? Miz’s gripes are legitimate! A ref should not be physically involved in a match. Riley didn’t win a match last night, he had it handed to him on a silver platter.

Christian says their situations are a little bit different from what they’re saying here. He fought his apprentice last night and was unsuccessful, but Christian and R-Truth were in Title Matches last night. “Awesome!” chants.

Miz says, “How dare you?”

Christian to R-Truth, “How dare you?”

R-Truth to Christian, “How dare me? How dare you?”

Miz to Christian, “Really?” Then to R-Truth, “Really?” Then back to Christian, “Really?”

The fans answer Miz with ‘Really!’

Christian turns to miz, “Really?” Christian to R-Truth, “Really?”

R-Truth to Miz, “Really?” Then to Christian, “Really?”
Christian to Miz, “Really? Riley?”

Miz to Christian, “Really? Randy?”

Back and forth between the two with, “Randy” and “Riley” until R-Truth steps in with “Jimmy” over and over.

Before they can go any further and make my brain hurt Teddy Long comes out and tells them to all shut up! The fans don’t want to see them blabbering in the ring, they want to see them fighting in the ring. They’ll be in a Six Man Tag Team Match. The fans will pick what type of match. They’ll be facing the team of Alex Riley, Randy Orton and John Cena. The three heels are still left in the ring arguing, luckily this time off mic!

Cole is ranting about Long ruining everything! The new US Champion Dolph Ziggler will face Kofi Kingston. What type of match? A – 2 Out Of 3 Falls? B – Vickie banned from ringside? C – Submission Match?

– Commercial

Stills from the US Title Match last night where Vickie got involved and Dolph won the Title.

United States Championship Match – 2 Out of 3 Falls – Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She comes out in black shorts and a black tank to introduce Dolph. Booker says Vickie is showing a whole lot of legs! King says she can’t help it! Kofi comes out still bouncy, but a little more focused. Cole is all excited to see how the fans voted.

Kofi on Dolph with kicks and stomps. Dolph rolls from the ring, Kofi follows with more stomping and an upper cut. Back in the ring and Dolph on Kofi with blows, but then Kofi back on Dolph with stomps. Outside Kofi still stomps Dolph. Back in the ring Kofi pins for one. Sweet snap suplex on Dolph for two. Kofi gets Dolph with a backslide, but only gets two. Kofi dives at Dolph, but goes through the ropes and lands hard outside.

– Commercial

During the break Dolph hit a zig/zag on Kofi outside and got a pinfall. Dolph hits Kofi with a drop kick for two. Arm hold on Kofi in the center of the ring, but he gets free. Dolph takes Kofi down hard for another two. Kofi reverses out of Dolph’s move and hits a beautiful SOS for three.

The next fall decides the winner. The ref makes sure they’re ready, but Dolph was playing possum. He hits a neck breaker, but only gets two. Chinlock in the center of the ring on Kofi. Kofi works his way up and free. Kofi reverses Dolph’s move and sends Dolph flying into snake eyes!

Both men lolling on the mat, but make it to their feet. Kofi nails Dolph with the double chop, then again. Kofi nails Dolph with a drop kick, but can’t finish him. Dolph counters, but Kofi climbs down Dolph and double stomps Dolph’s chest for two. Dolph tries to steal it with a quick roll up holding tights, but only got two. Kofi nails a drop kick on Dolph, then climbs. Kofi lands on Dolph in that back splash, but Dolph’s knees seem to get trapped strangely. Kofi only gets two.

Dolph goes outside and grabs the strap. Kofi ducks Dolph’s swin with the strap and nails TIP on Dolph. Kofi muscles Dolph into the ring for the pin, but Dolph gets two fingers on the bottom rope! Dolph outside again and goes for the strap. Kofi after him. Dolph nails Kofi in the head with a Miz and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Kofi, but Dolph retains

Dolph goes outside and rolls Kofi back in. Dolph into the ring and eats TIP, but too late. Video of Dolph’s dirty dealings in this match. Dolph is crawling ringside, the strap across him like a sash and Vickie is all smiles.

Booker and Cole are still getting into it on announce. Cole blames all this on Stone Cold Steve Austin and his pronouncement for this week being ‘Power To The People’. Video of Austin chasing Cole away and then taking out the RAW GM via laptop abuse.

Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio versus CM Punk, but what type of match will it be? A – No DQ? B – Falls Count Anywhere? C – Submission?

– Commercial

HBK will be on RAW from Las Vegas next week!!!

Alberto rolls in driving a white Bentley drop top (sweet!), but sans Ricardo. Alberto into the ring and tells us his name, but we know that. Lately he’s been teaching a lesson to everybody. A lesson in destiny. He told Big Show what happened was just an accident. But thinking more, it wasn’t an accident, but it’s destiny. He told Big Show that bad things happen to bad people. His win over Big Show at CP wasn’t an accident, it was destiny. Tonight he’ll beat CM Punk and Rey Mysterio and that will be pure destiny.

– Commercial

Falls Count Anywhere – #1 Contenders Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Alberto is still in the ring, all smiles. Fans in the arena are still texting away. Punk out to the ring looking rather unhappy about this whole thing, talking smack all the way to the ring. Alberto is still smiling. Rey comes out in silver and his blah colored Rey t-shirt. He gives away a mask to one child, then his shirt to another child.

Rey on Punk with blows. Rey rolls up Punk for two, then ADR for two. ADR stomps on Rey, but then takes a kick to the leg. Kicks on Punk’s legs, but when Rey turns back into ADR. Rey sends ADR to Punk who sends him over the top. Rey then runs into a big boot for two. Rey flips from of Punk, sets up for the 619, but eats a clothesline from ADR for two.

Punk punches on ADR through the ropes, then hits a power bomb on ADR from the apron to the floor. Punk has to wait for the ref to hurry down there and isn’t able to get the three for that reason. Rey then flies off the apron in a seated senton riding Punk down for two. All are down.

– Commercial

Head scissors to Punk, but then Rey into a backbreaker from Punk, then the exact same move from ADR! ADR pins, but Punk stomps him to break it up. A blow to ADR and Punk gets him up for GTS, but ADR reverses into that sick arm buster.

ADR sets up Punk in over corner, then bounces Rey, on the apron, to the post. Rey nails head scissors on ADR and sets up 619, then sets up Punk right next to him. As Rey hits the move, ADR moves and Punk grabs his legs! ADR kicks Punk and goes after Rey. He sets up the arm hold, Punk kicks him. Rey kicks ADR in the head, but Punk tries to steal the win. Rey kicks Punk in the head and they’re all down.

Punk grabs Rey and sets him up top. Dueling chants of, “Let’s go Rey!” and “CM Punk!” fill the arena. Rey is up top, Punk climbs, but then ADR is there behind Punk! ADR hits a power bomb on Punk as Punk nails Rey with a superplex! ADR tries to pin Rey to no avail. ADR then tries to pin Punk, but only gets two. ADR is annoyed with the ref.

ADR rushes Rey, but is kicked. A really sick belly to back and ADR hold Rey there for the two. Punk up and on ADR. ADR reverses the whip, then a shoulder block to Punk’s gut. ADR then tries to rush Rey in the opposite corner, but Rey moves and ADR gets the post with his shoulder. Rey climbs, but Punk grabs Rey up on his shoulders and hits snake eyes that way. Rey whipped but gets his feet up into Punk’s face. Rey up to and nails Punk on the mat while rolling through. Rey keeps the momentum that carries him across the ring and out through the ropes onto ADR.

Rey climbs and nails Punk with a seated senton for two. Rey hits a beautiful slingshot cross body on Punk. Punk then climbs, but Rey on him with blows. Rey climbs up top, but the hurricanrana slips off Punk. ADR hits that cross arm breaker, but Punk comes off the top with a leg drop to break it up. Punk whipped, ADR runs up the front of Punk and kicks him in the head. Rey sets up ADR for 619 and manages to hit the move. Rey off the top on ADR with a splash with the pin, but Punk in and pulls Rey off. Punk goes curling with Rey across the ring and into a ringpost. Punk then pins ADR for three.

Winner – Punk

Rey is being tended to outside by refs. Punk sits in the center of the ring. He says July 17, 2011 will be a historic day for Punk and WWE as a whole. It’s MITB and the night he defeats Cena for the WWE Championship. Here’s that honesty he’s talking about. July 17th is the day his contract with WWE comes to an end. Punk looks really upset and torn. He says when the clock strikes midnight, the 17th bleeds into the 18th, he’s leaving. Trust us when he tells us that he’s leaving with the WWE Championship. Punk drops the mic and looks rather out of sorts.

Cody Rhodes versus Bryan Danielson, but what type of match? A – Paper Bag Match? B – No Count Out? C – Collegiate Rules Match?

– Commercial

No Count Out Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Cody Rhodes

WWE Slam Of The Week – Last month on Smackdown Bryan locked on the LaBell lock and Cody tapped out. Cody then attacked Bryan, hit cross-Rhodes and then bagged Bryan. Cody out to the ring with his bag boys.

Cody on Bryan with blows and stomps. Elbows to the back of Bryan’s head, but then Bryan elevates Cody over the top and out. Huge dive through the ropes on Cody. They fight up the ramp. Suplex on Cody on the metal ramp. On the stage a couple big kicks to Cody’s chest. Bryan brings Cody back to the ring and lands a beautiful missile drop kick off the top for two. Bryan whipped, but flipped back over Cody. Cody bounces off the second rope and kicks Bryan in the head for two.

Cody stomps on Bryan, then sends him for snake eyes. Cody rolls Bryan up, but Bryan rolls them and Bryan gets the three.

Winner – Bryan

Bryan quickly locks the LaBell lock on Cody after the bell. The ref can’t get Bryan to let go. Ted in and breaks up the hold. Ted works over Bryan, then Cody hits Bryan with an Alabama slam that Booker calls a sidewalk slam! Cole says Booker needs new glasses. Cross-Rhodes to Bryan, then Ted gets a paper bag. They sit Bryan up and bag him as they pose over him. Cole is continuing to get nastier and nastier to Booker on announce.

Video sneak peek at USA’s new show ‘Suits’.

Cole announces that Vickie Guerrero will compete in a Dance Contest, but against who? A – Michael Cole? B – Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler? C – Booker T?

– Commercial

Cole is recapping RAW for us as Booker laughs at him. First with Kelly winning, then Henry destroying Kane. Punk winning the #1 contendership.

Striker is in the ring with Vickie. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She’s going to win this. She’s has 15 years of dance – ballet, tap and exotic dance. Her stage name used to be Peaches! Vickie says she’s going to use Sables line – This is for all the men who come to see me, and all the women who want to be me! Vickie grabs Striker, but ends up grabbing Striker and planting one on him. He wants to see who will be dancing against her and he hopes whoever it is doesn’t do that!

Cole is the winner and is thrilled about it. He tells everyone to sit back and enjoy perfection. Cole dances really badly, right down to the worm! Scotty is so much better. Cole then tries the spin-a-roonie.

Striker’s trying to see who wins. Vickie only gets boos, Cole gets louder boos, so he wins! Vickie argues with Striker about this. Cole poses on a corner. Vickie over to Cole as he gets down and she slaps him across the face! Vickie screams that she’s the winner! Cole falls to the mat. Vickie then dances her way up the ramp.

The Six Man Tag Match will have a stipulation. A – 1 Fall To Finish? B – 20 Minute Time Limit? C – Elimination Match?

– Commercial

Promo for next Monday’s RAW Roulette with HBK!

Elimination Match – 6 Man Tag Team Match – R-Truth & Christian & Miz vs. Alex Riley & Randy Orton & John Cena

R-Truth out to the ring. Video of Little Jimmie throwing a drink in R-Truth’s face. “Little Jimmie!” chants. Christian out to join R-Truth. Miz comes out to round out their team. Riley comes out to the ring, but waits outside for his partners. Orton out and they get in the ring. Cena comes out all silly and goofy.

– Commercial

Miz and Cena circle. Dueling chants of, “Let’s go Cena!” and “Cena sucks!” starts quietly, but grows. Side headlock on Cena. Arm bars and hold on each other until Cena’s back in the side headlock. Wild blow from the Miz, then Cena hits his running bulldog for two. Orton tags in.

Upper cuts and blows from Orton. Orton whipped but comes out with a huge clotheslines. Orton drops a knee, but only gets two. Orton telegraphs eating a kick to the chest and a big boot to the face. Christian tags in.

Christian stomps Orton, but Orton comes back with blows. A knee trips Orton for two. Orton keeps away from his corner. Christian distracts the ref while Miz attacks Orton from outside. Christian chokes Orton with a foot, then hits a neck breaker on Orton. Blows to Orton as “RKO” chants grow loud. Orton on Christian, but then Christian tags out and R-Truth hard on Orton with a chinlock.

Orton to his feet, but not free. Orton tries to get closer to his corner as R-Truth locks on a sleeper. Orton is fading, but wait! Orton comes to with a backdrop on R-Truth. Christian tags in and Orton is set up for a killswitch. Orton reverses to an RKO, then Christian reverses into a DDT for two. Christian plays Edge in a corner, but when rushing Orton, Orton manages that sick scoop slam and both are down.

Riley tags in and on Christian hard! A couple clotheslines, then a slam on Christian. Christian grabs Riley, but Riley avoids the killswitch with an elbow. Miz rushes in. Riley back and forth between the two until they overpower him and is stomped on the mat. Cena rushes in, takes out R-Truth, then somehow has the ref in a side headlock briefly! Miz nails Riley with a SCF, Christian pins for three.

Eliminated – Riley

The heels are setting up to continue. Cena just looks confused.

– Commercial

Miz pins Orton for two. Blows to Orton’s head. Forearms over Orton’s shoulders onto his chest. Miz backs into a corner, stalking Orton, but eats a clothesline! Cena tags in and hits his shoulder block and then slam in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Miz up, then he gets free, hits a combination and pins Cena for two. A boot to Cena in a corner. Cena hits the mat and Miz climbs. Miz off the top, but caught by Cena. Cena pins, but the heels in to attack. Miz chokes Cena on the second rope. Cheap shot from R-Truth, then Christian tags in.

Sleeper on Cena in the center of the ring. More dueling chants. Cena is able to get free but runs into a back elbow for two. R-Truth tags and mocks Cena.

A blow to Cena, then R-Truth plants Cena for two. Cena blocks a suplex, then hits his own. Both are down. Cena reaches, almost there, but then R-Truth grabs an ankle. A big crash, has to be Orton on the metal stairs. Cena pushes R-Truth off. R-Truth tags out, but Cena can’t.

Miz stalks Cena for the STF. Christian rushes in, but Cena knocks him off his feet with Miz’s feet. AA to Miz and Cena pins for three.

Eliminated – Miz

R-Truth in and already stomping on Cena. R-Truth pins Cena for two. A shoulder/head hold on Cena. Cena pushes to his feet, then back body drops R-Truth to free himself. Christian tags in. Cena gets him up for an AA, but Christian rakes his eyes. Christian with a DDT, then climbed. Christian waited too long for his flying head butt, so he ate mat. Both R-Truth and Orton are able to tag in.

Clotheslines on R-Truth from Orton, then that scoop slam. Orton hits his DDT through the ropes in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton. Orton is ready for the RKO, but Christian in and tries to set up the killswitch, but Orton gets free and clotheslines Christian from the ring. Orton turns back to R-Truth and gets a kick in the gut. R-Truth misses Booker’s scissor kick and Orton is able to hit the RKO for three.

Eliminated – R-Truth

Christian right in and on Orton for the three as Orton sells some serious pain in his elbows? Gut? Ribs?

Eliminated – Orton

Christian turns to find Cena there. Cena gets Christian up for the AA, but Christian holds the top rope tightly. Cena has to free him, but then Christian turns right into an RKO! Cena locks on the STF and Christian taps.

Winner – John Cena

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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