Details On Major Changes Coming To TNA, Jeff Hardy Urged To Enter Rehab

– We’ve posted a few news items about this in the past week but this story is really being talked about behind the scenes in TNA – so it deserves a closer look. Spike TV and TNA Wretling officials have had extensive talks in recent weeks about bringing sweeping changes to TNA. When we major changes – we’re talking everything – from the company name to the talent roster to the company’s entire identity.

Some have suggested that Dixie Carter’s mother Janice has stepped in and finally put her foot down regarding TNA’s lack of growth or direction. TNA has been spending millions and millions of dollars in recent years establishing the company as a “WWE lite” sports entertainment company. They’ve signed Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and plenty more WWE castoffs with little-to-no return on their money.It’s been suggested that TNA drastically cut its budget, release most of the expensive top-tier talent and run a promotion that focuses on younger, smaller performers – which would finally give the company an identity that’s completely different from WWE.

TNA changing its name has been suggested for years, but Dixie Carter has always been against it because they have spent so many years and so much money getting the TNA name out there. There has been talk about a new ad campaign that would put a heavy emphasis on the word “impact” .. Impact Wrestling Federation, anyone?

– TNA company officials have been strongly urging Jeff Hardy to enter a rehab program.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch)