Dario Cueto revealed as MLW's El Jefe, De la Renta done with company

This story was updated Thursday at 4:30 PM Eastern.

The big reveal at the end of MLW’s latest run of new Fusion episodes Wednesday was that Dario Cueto is El Jefe, the leader of Azteca Underground.

Cueto (Luis Fernandez-Gil) became a cult favorite as the owner and main authority figure in Lucha Underground, the brainchild of Survivor creator Mark Barnett and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez that ran for four seasons and nearly 130 episodes before ending in 2018. 

PW Insider reported Fernandez-Gil has been signed to a long-term deal and will be a regular part of the upcoming season.

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Earlier this year, manager Salina de la Renta’s Promociones Dorado faction was sold to Azteca Underground and El Jefe, a dangerous man she owed money to. Former Lucha Underground roster member Mil Muertes debuted shortly thereafter, but he and de la Renta didn’t get the results El Jefe wanted, failing in an effort to defeat National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone.

De la Renta was abducted on last week’s Fusion and at the end of this week’s show, she was brought in under a hood to the familiar office where Cueto eventually revealed himself. He was disappointed as all he asked for was gold and violence. He said that was fine though as he’s building a new temple which requires certain sacrifices.

She was then taken away and a phone rang. He answered and said that he “will see you there” on July 10th in Philadelphia, the date of MLW’s next TV taping. MLW will return with new episodes of Fusion in July following that taping.

PWInsider reported the scene was secretly filmed in April with only a few people in the company aware of what was going on. Both Insider and John Pollock of POST Wrestling reported that de la Renta is done with the company and will not be returning.