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It’s time for our weekly round-up of the 220 forum! You can tell race season is fast approaching from the queries being posted… Can you help a reader in need? Just follow the links below.


“Hi all, I’m new to the forum but not to triathlon! I know from training and from races I need to strengthen my legs, especially my hamstrings. Does anyone have any tips? I really struggle with them and I am willing to put the effort in to build them up!” GavTriHarder

“As a follow-up to my original query I’m still flip-flopping over whether to try out a scout ride for Arundel or not, however I have found an out-and-back route which offers the same amount of climbing and descending albeit over a considerably longer route (20 miles versus 12). Would this be a suitable training ride to acclimatise one’s legs to the demands of the course or would it be better to find an alternative that is shorter and pound out three, four or five laps of the same gradients? The beauty and curse of Arundel is that the climb, at two-and-a-half miles with negligible respite, is unique so simulating that isn’t going to be possible in the local area. At least as far as I can work out anyway.” StooDogg

“I currently own a Giant Defy 2 2012 which does not have that many miles on the wheels as I was more focused on running the last few years, including a few marathons last year, mainly to loose weight. I am doing a few 70.3 this year (Outlaw and Dublin) and have been thinking about a new bike, I was looking at a Felt AR5. However I wondered if it would be worth upgrading a few things on the Defy instead and if that was the best option what should I do first? Lastly being a 200lb+ guy who needs to loose at least 14 pounds, I often wonder if a new bike or upgrades will make that much difference!!! Thanks for any comments/suggestions” sgillespie

“History about me to help with bike choice: I am 43 years old, ex army (infantry) , ran marathons and in pretty good shape. I busted my back and medical release from the army. Hit with depression stated eating was up to 310 lbs. I am 225 lbs and still descending. Last summer did 4 sprints and few cross races and my personal best sprint is about 1 h 25 min. I have a cross bike with road tires that i use now for triathlon and cross races. This year I am moving to Olympic distance with a half IM at the end. I may not be the fastest but am very competitive (personal best or beating the guy or girl who just beat in the last race). I do not want a TT bike but was thinking road bike with bars. With my medical history would i be better with a defy with bars or propel with bars. would there be a big time difference in half IM. Thanks for advice.” Stehane

“I go sock less on the bike, with a liberal application of talc in the shoes beforehand. I then have my sock rolled down past the ankle and sitting in my shoe, again coated in talc on the inside, ready to be rolled, not pulled, onto my feet at T2. Best of both worlds.” adamneilson

“Hi i have a cervelo s5 and i would like ti ask can i install an TT Handlebar ? Is it diffent from a TT bike? If yes what the differences?” Xams Ioannou


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