Alexa Bliss Believes WrestleMania Is The Place To Feature The Women’s Tag Team Titles

Alexa Bliss recently spoke with Metro UK about the Women’s Tag Team Championships, admitting that they haven’t been showcased properly yet.

Bliss and Nikki Cross previously held the Tag Team Titles, but the championships are certainly not defended on a regular basis. However, Bliss admitted she would like to hold the titles again, and hopes that they’re featured at WrestleMania 36.

“I would love for us to go for the tag team championships again. We’re establishing the women’s tag division still, and there’s no better place to showcase the titles than at WrestleMania!” she told Metro UK. “I think our women’s tag division has some of the most talented women on the roster, you just don’t see that because the tag division is so new and it’s not getting as big of a spotlight. But it’s just a matter of time because the titles are so new, and I think WrestleMania is the perfect spotlight for it!”

Bliss also spoke about transitioning into being a babyface, admitting she is learning to get rid of her heel tendencies slowly.

“It’s been very interesting, being the bad guy for six years and then all of a sudden being told, ‘Oh you’re a good guy,’” she said. “So I’m definitely working on getting rid of those bad guy tendencies – it’s still in my nature to scream at the ref and throw a temper tantrum in the ring, but hopefully I can gear it towards another direction! A lot of times I just don’t keep a straight face. When I was a bad guy, I used to have to keep a straight face all the time, even when stuff was funny. I find that when I’m a good guy I can just laugh things off and it doesn’t really break character that much.”

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Metro UK

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