AEW Dynamite Results (1/15): Cody’s Answer, Jon Moxley vs Sammy Guevara

JANUARY 15, 2020


We start the show with Justin Roberts welcoming us to Bash at The Beach and with 4 teams in the ring ready to go at it! Starting the match is Nick Jackson along with Trent. The two circle the ring and we get a collar and elbow tie up. Nick goes off the ropes and tries for a shoulder block, but Trent stands tall. He tries again, but Trent bounces back and hits Nick with a shoulder block of his own, sending him to the mat. Nick bounces back up and grabs the hand of Trent, before springboading twice and hitting an arm drag. Both men get up and we get a stand off!

Trent tags in Chuck Taylor, while Nick tags in Adam Page. The two go back and forth, but Page catches Taylor and hits him with a fallaway slam. Taylor tags in Matt, while Page tags in Omega! The two go face to face and high five each other before they look to go at it, but Santana & Ortiz break it up and attack both men. Santana tags himself in and then hits Kenny with a big chop. Santana bounces off the ropes and Nick tags himself back in and he, Matt, and Kenny crush Santana. Santana tags in Trent and now with both Young Bucks in, we get some tag team maneuvers, which ends in double drop kicks to the face of Trent.

Matt Jackson has full advantage and hits 4 repeated Northern Lights suplexes before Trent counters a 5th with a tornado DDT. Trent tags in Chuck Taylor, and Taylor catches Matt in a powerbomb, and then tags in Trent for both to hit a drop kick/back suplex combo. Santana & Ortiz come and break up the momentum and once again tag themselves. They come in and take out everyone, tossing them out of the ring before jumping out onto their opponents.

Nick Jackson in the ring now, and Santana picks him up in a vertical suplex and stalls. He moves to his corner and Ortiz takes over after the tag before finishing the suplex. Nick is able to make a tag attempt but his brother Matt isn’t there, so he’s forced to tag in Kenny Omega. Kenny comes in and goes insane on everyone, which ends with everyone on the outside and Nick Jackson flipping out onto everyone. Matt Jackson and Trent are left in the ring and Matt looks to jump out, but Trent stops him and delivers AN INSANE superplex to the outside onto everyone!

Back in the ring, there’s a double suplex attempt, but the attempt has Kenny’s feet hit referee Rick Knox to the mat. That leads to every competitor in the middle of the ring, attaching themselves to one of the sides of the multi-man suplex. This leads to Orange Cassidy coming in to add one more man to one of the sides, and we get a 5 man suplex! Cassidy does a no-hands kip up before exiting the ring.

The Young Bucks back up and start to super kick everyone, but we get some hesitation when they see Adam Page. Chuck Taylor hits Page out of the ring, but they hit Taylor with the superkick instead! They set up Taylor for their Meltzer Driver, but Matt Jackson gets pulled off the apron! Nick lets go of Taylor and backs up, right into a blind tag from Page! Nick turns and looks confused, but Taylor recovers and sends Nick out of the ring. Kenny Omega comes in from behind and hits Taylor with a V-Trigger before Page comes in and Taylor gets hit with a V-Trigger/Hangman’s Lariat combo! Page goes for the cover and picks up the victory!

Winners AND NEW #1 Contenders: Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page’

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