Court Records Reveal WWE Doctor Chris Amann Had Sexual Relationship With Former WWE Star

According to a new report by Deadspin, WWE doctor Chris Amann, who last week lost his defamation lawsuit against CM Punk, was at one point during his time in WWE involved in a sexual relationship with former WWE star Jillian Hall.

The report notes the trial already unveiled a myriad of potential issues for Amann including HIPAA privacy violations and incomplete record-keeping, but there might be a deeper issue at play which could have ramifications on Amann’s career as a doctor.

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The report claims Amann filed a number of motions ahead of the trial to have certain topics barred from mention during courtroom proceedings, and one of the topics was a sexual relationship with Jillian Hall, who was a patient of Amann’s during the time they were a couple.

“You cannot have romantic relationships with your patients”, said NYU medical ethics professor Arthur Caplan. “There are a number of reasons why: First, it distorts your objectivity in terms of treating them. They can bamboozle you, or you can feel like ‘I wanna please them, so I’ll give them more pain meds,’ or whatever they’re asking for. Second, they have enough problems working with wrestlers because they have what we call dual loyalties.”

Deadspin did attempt to reach out to Amann and his lawyers for comment on the Hall relationship, but as of this writing, no comment has been obtained. A spokesperson for WWE, however, did issue the following statement:

We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.

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It’s worth noting that the court record revealing the relationship between Amann and Hall was not sealed, and the Deadspin article questions why the record was entered as public as opposed to being filed under seal.

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