Is Smackdown Live Set to Become the New ‘A’ Show in WWE?, Bobby Lashley Comments On His ‘Sisters’, Post-Raw News

It’s worth noting once again there was no dark match main event after WWE Raw went off the air last night. The show closed with Braun Strowman celebrating his main event win, and the advertised six-man tag team match never took place.

Is Smackdown Live Set to Become the New ‘A’ Show in WWE?

With yesterday’s major announcement that WWE is set to reap over $2 billion in a new TV rights deal which will see Monday Night Raw remain on USA Network and Smackdown Live move to FOX, Dave Meltzer speculated on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Smackdown will no longer be the “B” show once it makes the move to Fox.

“It can’t be the “B” show”, explained Meltzer. “WWE is a television production house. That’s what it is. Everything else is a distant, distant second. WWE produces content, that’s all they are. The key is, in television content in the United States, is that’s where most of their money comes from. So when we look at the different stats, house show stats are interesting only if you want to gauge how successful they are in selling tickets. It’s a measure of real popularity…All that matters is the TV ratings.

“FOX is paying a lot of money for [Smackdown],” Meltzer continued. “[WWE has to] deliver ratings for FOX, and they have to deliver network ratings. So the point of all this is that Smackdown has to be the “A” show…It can’t be an afterthought show.”

Bobby Lashley Comments On His ‘Sisters’

Bobby Lashley Tweeted the following after he destroyed his “sisters” on WWE Raw Monday night:

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— Bobby Lashley (@fightbobby) May 22, 2018