Jeff Jarrett On When He Found Out About HOF Induction, Not Feeling Worthy, What He Thinks Got Him Inducted

WWE Hall Of Famer, Jeff Jarrett was a recent guest on the Voice Of Wrestling podcast where he spoke about his upcoming one-man show and his FITE TV deal. You can check out the full Voice Of Wrestling podcast from this week in the video player above.

Double J also spoke in detail about his WWE Hall Of Fame induction as he broke down when he first found out he was getting inducted:

“2017 on the one hand was one of the darkest hours of my life, but looking in the rear view mirror, it’s very possible at this stage of my career it could be the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I ended on a low note, but I started off the first week of this year, early January I got the call from a high ranking WWE official, who I will continue to remain nameless and they asked. I had to have a long pause and I just said “am I supposed to think on this?””

Jarrett also spoke about not finding himself Hall Of Fame worthy, and how he had to keep things a secret:

“I never viewed myself Hall Of Fame worthy, I have never been a guy who looked in the rear view mirror about anything, in this business you are only as good as what you did yesterday because it is a really hard grind of an industry and I never gave it a second thought. I have to keep it under wraps.”

Jeff Jarrett also spoke about what he thinks the reason was for his induction into the Hall Of Fame:

“The Tuesday before the induction, WWE camera crews came and they were going to document my first time being back at a WWE event and SmackDown was in Nashville that day. The guy asked me off the cuff and I got real emotional, I said “he didn’t have to make this decision,” and we all know who I am talking about so I am super grateful for that. I don;’t entertain the thoughts of the why, because you can’t put your thumb on it, but I don’t think it’s any one thing. Staying in the game 32 years, you can say six-time Intercontinental Champion, starting my own promotion, my work in India, WCW runs.”

Please, H/T ProWrestling.com for any quotes used.

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