Tyson Kidd Says He Has No Animosity Towards Samoa Joe, Cedric Alexander Tweets Nia, More Rusev Day Merch

Former WWE Superstar, Tyson Kidd has today publicly aired his feelings towards Samoa Joe on Twitter, informing everyone that he has no animosity against him.

Joe delivered a Muscle Buster to Kidd during a dark match on WWE Raw in 2015 that resulted in a very serious neck injury to Tyson Kidd, forcing his retirement from in-ring competition. Kidd would go on to tweet that only 5% of people actually survive such an injury and wound up with 16 staples, four screws and a rod in his neck.

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After a fan tweeted Kidd claiming he is happy every time Joe is hurt, the former Tag Team Champion cleared the air, stating he wishes Joe nothing but the best.

I have zero animosity with Samoa Joe. I found him my first day back at WWE after my injury and we had a very good heart to heart. I wish him nothing but the best https://t.co/LpVSnGeoYQ

— TJ Wilson (@TJWilson) February 2, 2018

Cedric Alexander Sucks Up To Nia Jax

WWE 205 Live star, Cedric Alexander and WWE Raw Superstar, Nia Jax have been going back and forth on Twitter today over Alexander’s Spanish Fly move, which Jax claims is hers.

Alexander then said he thought that was the Spanish Butterfly, but Jax told him to stop sucking up to her. Alexander told Jax he didn’t want to receive another Samoan Drop.

I'm just trying to make sure I don't get a Samoan Drop again😢 https://t.co/YJcN5E4KPz

— Cedric Alexander (@CedricAlexander) February 2, 2018

For those that don’t remember, Jax hit Alexander with the move during the WWE 205 Live tour where she was a special guest referee in his match against Enzo Amore.

Rusev Day Get’s New Merch

Rusev has posted an image of Rusev Day’s latest piece of merchandise, a coffee cup, which he is urging fans to purchase.

Are you tired in the AM! You need your coffee or tea ASAP! Well…. start the day right with a happy #RusevDay Mug to pour in your fave drink. pic.twitter.com/OOIaM4BQki

— Rusev (@RusevBUL) February 1, 2018