Ryback provides proof WWE asks talent to turn over passwords for their Social Media Accounts

Ryback left WWE in 2016 for a multitude of reasons. Now we are getting a much better picture of why he left the company.
WWE is a billion-dollar company, but they implement some practices that most fans would not approve of in the slightest. It turns out that after Ryback left the company, WWE still wanted a big piece of his action.
The former WWE IC Champion recently revealed a letter that he received from WWE threatening legal action unless he handed over his social media accounts.
The letter says that WWE is the exclusive owner of “numerous trademarks, service marks, trade dress, and copyrights, as well as all of its talent images, likenesses, and rights of publicity.” Therefore, WWE fired off a threatening letter to Ryback about what he was doing with his post-WWE career.
It was written in the document that: “It has come to WWE’s attention that you are currently using certain WWE Intellectual Property in an unauthorized manner.” These “unauthorized” usages included the Ryback trademark, the usage of the term Big Guy, and the Feed Me More trademark.
The company demanded that Ryback “transfer any social media accounts using Ryback trademark to WWE.” This would essentially leave Ryan Reeves without a social media audience. They also wanted his domain name.
It was also demanded that Ryback “cease the sale of any and all merchandise using WWE Intellectual Property” as well. This is something that he hasn’t done.
Ryback was obviously not happy about this. He is still using the same social media account.
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